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    Bloom To Brightness Ring
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    Ocean Oyster Ring
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    Olive Twine Ring
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    Royal Emblem Ring
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    Winged Motif Ring
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    Regalia Ring
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    Insignia Ring
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    Dazzle Relic Ring
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    Shooting Star Ring
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    Mop 2 Leaf Ring
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    Mop Twirl Ring
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    Red Pillow Ring
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    Circle Stone Ring
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    Princess Ring
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    Green Pillow Ring
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    Bouquet Round Ring
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    Flower Bud Ring
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    Crazy Wave Ring
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    Formation Ring
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    White Flower Ring
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    Crystal Rose Ring
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    Boxer Ring
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    Engraved Ring
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    Claw Diamond Ring
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Buy Stylish Designer Rings Online for Women - Shaze

Rings are the single most important accessories for those who like minimal jewellery pieces. Choose from statement to midi to geometrical pieces and add a touch of shine to your outfits or ensembles with rings from Shaze. Currently, everyone has gone overboard with the stacking upward trend as it is the most experimental one but wearing statement rings is also a timeless trend. Be it Lady Diana, Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle, they have all showcased their love for exquisite rings that have inspired women across the globe. Choose from a range of studded rainbow rings to add a pop of colour to your looks or get ring sets that create a stylized arm party. An assortment of geometric rings will also make for a great addition to your jewellery wardrobe. Shaze boasts of a collection that cannot be easily missed. From beautifully studded designs to angular metal silhouettes, our brand houses a range of designs that will surely become quick favourites.

Gold & Silver Statement Rings Collection in India

With its wide assortment of styles, you can now buy statement rings online in India at Shaze. The unique designs and enchanting inspirations for these silhouettes make it must-have accessories that garner immense praise. You can choose your style and buy designer rings that you really like from these collections that are available at Shaze:

  1. Bedazzled - Inspired by the natural flora, our Bedazzled range is studded to perfection with cubic zirconia stones. Crafted from a base of brass or copper, these styles are meant to be stylish rings that are versatile. With designs of floral twists, elegant creepers, and studded patterns, these pieces are meant to be renowned accessories for anyone who loves embellished styles. Add a touch of subtle bling to your looks with these pieces of jewellery and make your style a much-acclaimed one.

  2. Art Dekko - Highly influenced by the Art Deco Movement in history, each design from this range is inspired by the stunning architecture and splendid patterns. Be it fan folds or recurrent designs, each piece for the Art Dekko Collection is a statement piece in itself. Fashioned on a base of brass and embedded with colourful artificial stones, you can now buy rings that will become a must-have for unique jewellery lovers.

  3. Switch - Geometric lines inspired by modern art and contemporary lines make our Switch Collection a desirable range. Designed from a base of brass and studded with sparkling cubic zirconia and colourful stones, you can now buy these rings online at Shaze and make them your favourite workwear accessories. Shapes and designs that are modern representations of stars, horizons, skyscrapers and a host of modern things, make these rings online essentials for your everyday jewellery needs

  4. Flawsome - With every piece that is imperfectly perfect, our Flawsome Collection ensures to create a fine symphony between flowing lines and wavy patterns to create styles that will win many compliments. Our most celebrated range, the Flawsome collection comprises designer rings that are floral marvels and are textured with linear patterns that beautify its structure even more.

  5. Poetry In Motion - Reimagined paisleys in beautiful enamel colours with sparkling cubic zirconia stones define this collection! The Poetry In Motion range is perfect for those who love hints of colour in their jewellery style. Enchanting, yet modishly crafted; these statement rings are meant to create a distinctive range for your unique style and design. Embellished and embedded, these designs are perfect for delicate jewellery lovers.

Designer Rings For Ladies - All Occasions

Shaze offers a wide array of stylish & designer rings for all occasions. You can browse the range online and buy rings online that suit your style and personality. Here's a quick introduction on the ring styles that are available for various events:

  1. Workwear - Geometric lines and linear styles that match your workwear ensembles can be found in our Switch and Bedazzled Collections. Choose a minimally encrusted ring or a statement style that has been inspired by angled structures to complement your crisp shirts and trouser combos. If you want to add designer accessories to your look, pick an oval or square-shaped ring and match it with your blazer skirt and suit combo.

  2. Party & Cocktail - Sequin embellished or gossamer inspired ethereal outfits need a sparkling accessory too. Get a ring from our Art Dekko, Bedazzled or Flawsome range and pair it with your event-specific looks. Be it an LBD for a party with friends or an Indo-western silhouette to attend fun cocktail events, statement rings will be the perfect elegant jewellery additions to your looks.

  3. Date Night - Elegant and minimal ring styles will suit your date night styles well. Choose a centre stone solitaire ring to match your jumpsuits, skirts and shift dresses. A subtle hint of sparkle with your solids or floral dresses is also a great way to accessorize your date night looks and widen your choice of women’s accessories.

  4. Weddings & Receptions - Choose an elegant ring from our Poetry In Motion or Bedazzled range to match your beautiful sarees and lehenga choli ensembles. Pastels or deep hues, get jewellery online to brighten your look exceptionally well.

  5. Off-Duty Style - Structured silhouettes and relaxed outfits go very well with our Art Dekko & Flawsome range. Choose a floral silhouette or embedded ring to match your brunch or movie night look. Add a stylized touch to your off-duty style and look chic every day of the week with your online jewellery shopping.

Browse our Latest Exquisite Rings Design

Browse a range of must-have exquisite rings online at Shaze and flaunt your unique style at various events and occasions. Apart from metal and studded styles, Shaze also houses a range of distinctive designs. Two-finger and three-finger rings look great at special parties, weddings, receptions, and cocktail events as they not only embellish your look but also add a defining edge to your looks. Apart from center studded solitaire, minimal, statement and geometric rings; we also have unique ring sets that will set the tone for your style and make you the diva. You will also find an array of artistic rings at Shaze that will surely garner many compliments from guests making your style quotient a much-applauded one. Get different rings to match your many looks and widen your jewellery collection.