Try and Buy Policy

  • What is Try and Buy Service?

    Shazé provides try & buy service to allow you to try our products from the comfort of your home before making a decision on their purchase, you can pay only for the products you select and return the rest on-the-spot. This is to ensure you’re satisfied with the quality of our products before making your decision to buy them. At the moment, this service is available only on select products and in select cities. To check service availability, please enter your pin code on the product page.

  • How can I avail Try and Buy on my order?

    Click on ‘Try & Buy’ where listed on the Home Page banner or in the Footer to open the Try & Buy page. Enter your pincode to check the availability of Try & Buy service at your location before exploring the product range available. From the product range available to Try & Buy, you can select upto a maximum of five products at a time. Once you have selected the products that interest you, click Try & Buy in the panel showing your selections. The shazé delivery person will wait until you have tried out the products in the comfort of your own home.

    If you decide to purchase any or all products you tried out, you can make the necessary payment by Cash to the waiting shazé delivery person and return any products you do not wish to buy, no questions asked.

  • How many designs can I try at home?

    You can try a maximum of 5 designs at a given time.

  • Am I expected to buy after trying the jewellery?

    There is no compulsion to buy after the trial. Make your purchase only if you like the prod-uct.

  • What if I can’t try the product instantly, will you make another attempt to deliver?

    We request you to choose a delivery address where you are comfortable trying on our products. However, in such a scenario where you are unavailable to try the product at the time of delivery, we will make 1 more attempt to deliver your order. Please specify to the representative when you would next be available to accept the shipment; we will try our best to make our next attempt as per the rescheduled request.

  • Will return & exchange policy be available on Try and Buy orders?

    Yes, you can avail the return policy even if you have accepted the Try and Buy order. Return policy rules will apply.

  • Will I get a chance to choose the delivery date and time for Try and Buy orders?

    While we don’t allow you to choose the exact delivery date & time at the time of check-out, we will give an estimate on the date of delivery at the time of placing the order. On the day of delivery, we will send you and ‘out for delivery’ message in the morning.