Corporate Enquiry: +91-9167592479
Corporate Enquiry: +91-9167592479
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Meet the Maker

Meet the maker – Samrat Zaveri, the founder and MD of shazé – a successful entrepreneur with a style of his own. One of the few entrepreneurs who are as confident and buoyant as him, Samrat is also known to be a power house of knowledge. He is a multi-faceted dynamic individual driven towards excellence. He is an ardent follower of sports, a fitness enthusiast, and a jazz-music lover. An aficionado by nature, he likes to invest his free time in reading philosophical books.

Samrat is not only the MD but the life of shazé. He aspires shazé to become a global lifestyle brand and touch million lives from across the world. From conceptualizing the product to giving birth to its existence, Samrat is personally involved in all aspects of the business. He develops ingenious strategies to ensure a smooth sync of the products with shazé ideology and philosophy. Since the birth of shazé, it has been all about retail growth, demystifying retail trajectories, launching new categories and driving the brand to cater to contemporary consumer needs. With his vision, Samrat envisaged the change in consumer mindsets and the way consumers would use brands to express themselves more than before.

shazé evolved as a brand; the brand that consumers use as a medium of self-expression. With artisans from across the world creating exclusive products just for shazé, today the brand is known for its innovative and contemporary designs. Every shazé product narrates its own story through its edgy manifestation. The brand offers its consumers a holistic lifestyle with different products and accessories such as home décor, fashion jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, and worthy gift items. shazé has invented a whole new trend in luxury gifting in India through its world-class offerings.