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    Trilogy - Bar Table
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    The Alchemist - Spirit Decanter
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    The Gatsby - Champagne Bucket
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    Berg Ice Bucket
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    Alpha - Whiskey Decanter
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    The Wingmen - Bar Tools
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    Wavemaker Wine Decanter
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    Cage Decanter- Silver
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    Cage Decanter- Green
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    Cage Decanter- Red
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    Trombone Wine Cooler
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    Trombone Cocktail Shaker
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    Trombone Ice Bucket With Tong
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    Trombone Champagne Cooler
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    Sake Set Brown
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    Sake Set Black
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    Cage Decanter- Gunmetal
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    Cage Decanter- Electric Blue
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    Cage Decanter- Gold
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    Scentaur Crystal Whisky Snifter Glass – Set of 6
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    Muse Crystal Martini Glass – Set of 6

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Buy Luxury Barware Set Online in India

Have you ever walked into a party and marveled at the beautiful bar display? If you like to take notice of every setup and enjoy the wow experience that it leaves you with, then you can buy designer & barware set online in India at Shaze. Whether you like hosting your guests or enjoy being hosted, our collection of decanters, glasses and bar accessories will not only beautify any bar space with their contemporary designs and edgy looks but will also make your parties much famed and remembered. Articulating all these thoughts and more from people who love to host, we designed our range of hosting products to lend a touch of style and elegance to your next party. Our love for hosting came full circle when we introduced the Joy Of Hosting, a day dedicated solely to people who love to host and attend parties. For someone who is always on-the-go and travels across the globe, meeting people only happens when they call guests home or attend parties. With a stylish display of theatrics that is meant to impress your guests, hosting now becomes a delight!

Inspired from thoughtful tricks and playful tricks, the barware collection at Shaze will enliven your home bar areas and will also add a modern touch to your homes. Designed with the expertise of Seymour Powell, this assortment of bar essentials and accessories has special features like a hand-cut wave pattern which enhances their look. Lead-free crystal is the base material for the glasses and the frames used are all aluminum. The decanters come with an airtight cork stopper that makes them secure storage options. The wooden tables that come with the sets are crafted from beech wood displaying a fantastic array of tools and barware elements. Stainless steel is used to make the structures sturdy whereas zamac handles add a dramatic edge to this contemporary range. Shopping for luxury barware accessories online will no more become a hassle as you can now design and decorate your bar at home with designer bar products from Shaze. The ripple effect pattern that is seen on the ice bucket lid, the tray handles and decanter bases add a dramatic touch to the smooth and avant-garde designs from this range. Be it for yourself or getting it as a gift for someone, the hosting range at Shaze will surely attract a lot of admiration. A fine array of luxury barware can now be shopped instantly and if you wish to see the pieces before you make the final decision, you can do that too with our Personal Home Shopper Experience.

Must-Have Luxury Home Bar Accessories

For connoisseurs of luxuriant bar setups, here is a list of must-have luxury home bar accessories:

  1. Decanters - Our award-winning Cage Decanter comes in four colours: Gold, Grey, Rose Gold & Blue. The stylized fins open up when you pull the glass decanter out and protect it firmly when you place it back in. Apart from this, there is the Alchemist and Alpha Whisky Decanter which allows you to house in a range of spirits like vodka, gin, tequila, etc. The Wavemaker Wine Decanter comes with an aerator on top that lets your wine breathe and open up the flavours.

  2. Serving Glasses - It doesn't matter if your guests are always on top of the trend and prefer drinks like negronis and mimosas as our range of serving glasses will cater to those. Even if they like classic manhattans or martinis, our collection of serving glasses will allow you to serve all these aperitifs and more. The stylized structures that are defined with precision to offer the best tasting experience make these glasses a desirable set. A range of Champagne, Wine, Martini & Whisky Snifter glasses are available for you to choose from and store in your bar area.

  3. Champagne Bucket - Keep your Champagne bottles cooler for longer by storing them in this Gatsby Champagne Bucket. Place up to 3 bottles or more and be rest assured as the detachable coolant can be pre-refrigerated and used when in need. The dual-tone of this Champagne bucket not only enhances its overall structure but also allows maximum ease while handling and placing this barware accessory.

  4. Ice Bucket - The Berg Ice Bucket evades your greatest worry of adding excess water to your drink as it comes with a unique metallic strainer. While allowing you the perfect pick of ice, this ice bucket becomes a great addition to any bar space. The contrasting metallic tongs offer an easy hold while you select your ice chunk and add it to your drink.

  5. Bar Tools - The Wingmen Bar Tools will instantly help you prepare a flurry of cocktails. The Hawthorne Strainer The Diamond-shaped Stirrer, The Muddler and the Opener. Be it making tasty daiquiris or flavourful gimlets; these tools will help you achieve your favourite cocktails effortlessly. You can even conjure new flavours and mix up your very own mocktail and surprise your guests with your mixology skills.

  6. Shot Measurer - For those who are absolute perfectionists and need precise measurements when it comes to preparing drinks, this Quantum Shot Measurer becomes a must-have. The peg measurers in this set are available in 25ml, 35ml and 50ml with a three-toned design and a stylized base making it a great accessory for your bar table.

  7. Decanter Set - An array of guests have an assortment of tastes! To match up to all their likes and to present a variety of sorts our Trilogy Bar Table houses 3 decanters where you can store your wines, whiskeys and spirits. Being a flamboyant display set, this bar table also poses as a great gift for someone who is a connoisseur of barware accessories. It comes in 2 wood finishes giving you more options to choose from.

  8. Shot Tray - Our Turntable Shot Tray flaunts a Lazy Susan Mechanism that presents a smooth rotation of the tray while maintaining the perfect balance of shot glasses over the grooves, making your hosting experience a flawless one. Toast a celebration or indulge in nostalgic conversations over a round of your most preferred shots and enjoy the fun times with the barware range at Shaze.

Premium Bar Tools Set For All Occasions

Festivals, important events or special occasions, all call for parties. Be it house parties, wedding & engagement celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, groomsmen & bridesmaid parties, graduation parties, Christmas lunches, and Diwali parties; our Premium Bar Tools Set are designed to fit every occasion.