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    Avra Dancing Ganesha
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    Vakratunda Ganesha
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    Modern Ganesha
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    Harmony Ganesha Idol
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    Ganesha On Aasan ST
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    Reclining Ganesha 20H
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    Meditating Ganesha Idol
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    Ganesha On Flower
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    ZOG Ganesha Idol
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    Intellectual Ganesha Idol
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    Apprise Buddha
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    Allure Ganesha
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    The Equable Ganesha
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    The Sovereignty Idol
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    Invoke Hanuman
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    Ganesha On Moosaq
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    Krishna The Elfin
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    Acuity Ganesha
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    Supreme Deity Idol
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    Buddha The Placidity Idol
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    Contempo Ganesha
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    Neoteric Ganesha
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    Shiva Head Small
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Buy Silver God Idols Online in India - Ganesha, Krishna, Buddha, Hanuman, Balaji & Shiva

An idol of a revered God instantly induces a sense of peace and tranquillity! Idols of Gods and Goddesses have always garnered immense praise in the Indian culture since ancient times. Not only do they spread a calming aura but they also add a sense of positivity to any space. You can Buy Silver God Idols Online in India of Ganesha, Krishna, Buddha, Hanuman, Balaji & Shiva from Shaze. Doing up your decor with an idol of a God or Goddess is also always a great idea because it adds a sense of distinctive personality to that space while bringing in a touch of culture and tradition.

Explore our Silver God Idols for Home Decor & Office

Explore our range of must-have silver god idols for home & office. Pick the perfect one to glorify the interiors of any space. Browse through the following list of idols that we have and choose the ideal one for your home:

  1. Ganesha Idol - Before every auspicious event, the ritual of taking blessings from the Elephant God, Ganesha continues. With respectful prayers, the devotees of Ganapati seek his advice for new beginnings. Worshipped for his boundaryless intellect and wisdom, the Lord is honoured at homes and offices too. Choose from our Zog Ganesha Idol, Equi Ganpati Idol, or Dexterous Ganesha Idol that have now proven to be timeless favourites. Add a traditional twist with the Avra Dancing or Ladoo Ganesha. You can also get our Sovereignty, Dexterous, Acuity, Abstract, Compati, and other Ganapati idols and upgrade any decor space.
  2. Lord Shiva Idol - A deity who is known for his wrath as much as he is famed for his calming stature, Lord Shiva is that divine God to whom many people pray! His trailing hair locks, a crescent moon perched atop his top knot, animal skin clothing, textured brown beads, blue coloured neck with a slithering snake wrapped around it; every aspect of Shiva has a story to tell. Bring home his peaceful mysticism and enchanting aura with our Shiva Head and Meditating Muse idol. You can also get the Omniscient Shiva Idol for Home in a regular and satin texture.
  3. Laxmi Idol - Known as the Goddess of prosperity, Laxmi leads one to achieve their goals. Auspicious and known to bestow all the goals such as spiritual enlightenment, food, knowledge, resources, progeny, abundance, patience and success that each one of us needs in life, the Goddess enlightens and is symbolic to Hindu tradition as the one who is the bringer of fortune and wealth. The goddess is known by numerous names and our Prosperity Laxmi and Laxmi Idols are crafted keeping all her blessings in mind to become the perfect devotional gifts
  4. Krishna Idol - Famed to be a prankster who absolutely loves butter, Krishna has been central to many Hindu texts. The characteristic peacock feather perched atop his head, a flute from which melodious notes floated and one who had the charm to please everyone, such is this divine hero. Our Krishna The Elfin Idol captures this revered God as a toddler enjoying a handful of butter in all glory. A great gift for expectant mothers, this Krishna Idol is also sure to brighten any dull space.
  5. Buddha Idol - The pre-eminent calm that Gautama Buddha embodies is unmissable! Also known as Siddhartha, this spiritual leader who was born in an aristocratic family renounced everything and tread on a path that led him towards enlightenment. Seen always in a peaceful posture that transcends across many, the Buddha remains a revered teacher across centuries. Choose from the Apprise and Placidity Buddha Idols to bring in a sense of tranquillity to any space.
  6. Hanuman Idol - Endless stories of Hanuman's heroic deeds are known to us and his devotion to Ram has been central to Hindu texts. Bestowed with various superpowers, Hanuman plays a key role in the Ramayana by being a true companion to Ram and a brave warrior who enters Ravana's kingdom with fierce fearlessness. Known to also cure Laxman, Ram's devoted brother, by getting the magical herb from a mountain top, Hanuman's glory is boundless. We at Shaze pay tribute to his esteemed tales with our Invoke Hanuman sitting atop his endless tail in deep meditation and his powerful Mace which was symbolic to his personality. If you want to gift god idols, this Hanuman Idol could be a great choice.
  7. Balaji Idol - Crafted after the much sought after God Balaji residing in the Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple, this idol is a work of art. Beautified with intricate details on the crown and ornaments, this idol is beautified with an angular mark that runs up from mid nose to forehead. Get the Balaji Divine Dark God Idol and let its beauty spread across desktops and console tables.
  8. Kalash - A beautifully crafted Kalash Idol is what you need if you want a distinct tabletop accessory for your home. Decorated with delicate designs and completed with a coronet of mango leaves and coconut symbolic to how an original Kalash pot is decorated, this one is a great home accent. Get this Kalash from Shaze and beautify the interiors of your home temples.
  9. Paduka - The paduka has historical reference in Ramayana especially when Ram was in exile and Bharata, his brother persuaded him to come back and rule the kingdom. But due to his promise to his beloved father Ram denied and Bharata took Ram's slippers and seated them on the throne and ruled the kingdom but never accepted the position as king. This intricately designed Paduka for Home Temple will remind you of lores that are retellings of an era of whose learnings are etched in our minds forever. 

God Idols to Gift your Loved Ones - Devotional Gifts

God idols are great to gift your loved ones as they are the perfect devotional gifts. Instantly brightening up any space be it in-home or office, these idols are auspicious and will readily be liked by everyone. Crafted with fine intricacy and detailed designs, these structures of Laxmi, Ganesha, Buddha, Shiva, Krishna, Balaji & Hanuman prove to be great tabletop accessories. If you want to upgrade your console table or liven up your centre tables, you can buy God idols online and place them on these surfaces. Bedside tables, office desks, chest of drawers and quaint corners can all be enlivened with one of these pieces. Their calming aura and serene presence will leave nothing and no one untouched as these idols will simply uplift any decor space within minutes. Be it housewarming occasions, Diwali parties of new beginnings; gifting God idols can be the perfect way to wish them a great start. With their peaceful demeanour, they also bring prosperity and festive cheer almost instantly.

Religious God Idols Online Shopping at Best Prices

You can shop for religious God idols online at best prices and decorate your house with a touch of elan and traditionality. Shaze offers great quality and unique designs when it comes to idols so that each piece becomes an extension of your personality and design taste. Crafted from resin, all the Shaze idols have been plated with electroformed silver that gives them a fine look and sleek finish. To slow down the natural oxidation effect, you can avoid exposing your Shaze decor piece to moisture, intense heat and extreme temperatures. Preserving the appearance of your Shaze product can be done by protecting it from corrosive and chemical products, such as salt, water, or bleach. You can clean and keep your Shaze idol new by using a muslin cloth or soft towel to gently wipe or dust it. The price range of these idols start at INR 2590 and go up to INR 106400 so that you can choose one or many idols that fit your budget and enhance the look of your home. With great quality and great service, Shaze pledges to be of great value to its customers and hence also offers a lifetime exchange policy wherein if the damaged piece can be refurbished, the same will be done and offered back or an absolutely new piece will be offered. In the case of unavailability of the same product, any other product priced at the same value as the original piece purchased by the customer will be offered. Buy God Idols online and add a touch of cultural value to your home or office interiors.