Our finely crafted and meticulously designed decor pieces are ideal for enhancing the atmosphere of your living or professional space, and as wonderful gifting options for both personal occasions and corporate events.


Complete your home and office decor with the sinuous grace of our animal figurines. Capturing the strength and grace of wild animals in vivid detail, these exquisite pieces serve as an expression of taste in both your personal and professional spaces. These one-of-a-kind figurines also serve as an ideal gifting option.



Serene and artistic. Our silver idols are the perfect way to add a touch of tranquility to your home or as a thoughtful gifting option. Each piece is a testament to careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their artistic forms transform them beyond mere works of art and into something truly divine.


from ERBI

ERBI, the in-house design studio of shazé believes in the brand philosophy of celebrating true personality. Collated from the words Edgy, Risky, Bold and Impactful, the pieces conceptualized by the creative team ensure a smooth synchronisation of the products with shazé ideology. The designs ith vintage or classic inspirations lead to creation of home decor products that are exclusive and encourage bold self-expression and proud possession.