Corporate Enquiry: +91-9167592479
Corporate Enquiry: +91-9167592479
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ERBI is the specialized design studio of shazé that believes in creating edgy, bold and distinctive masterpieces. The word ERBI is a combination of four essential features of the brand symbolism: Edgy, Risky, Bold and Impactful. The geometrical shapes in the logo, like the circle represents the world around you, the square represents the space you build around yourself and the triangle represents your frame of mind.

Every ERBI design is a thoughtful process, a dream moulded into a product. Using cutting edge technology, all our products have been engineered to depict edginess, boldness and novelty. The designs are one-of-a-kind that speak of innovation and creativity. Taking risks for creating a vision is what ERBI is all about.

#MadeOfStories, the Storyteller Gifting Collection of shazé is a bold combination of silver plating and rose-gold accents. The pieces in this collection have been provided with a unique look that triggers the imagination to think and understand more than what has been presented. The work of ERBI brings together its global design experience, where heirloom classics merge with modernist designs to unlock the mystery of premium decoration.