Winners At India’s International Watch And Clock Fair

Winners At India’s International Watch And Clock Fair

15 January 2020

Winners At India’s International Watch And Clock Fair

Smooth, streamlined and artistic, Shazé’s Aero collection of watches triumphs at Samaya Bharati 2020.

The 7th edition of the Trade Post ‘Movers of Time Awards’ 2020 event was held as a prelude to the 20th edition of the India International Watch & Clock Fair – Samaya Bharati 2020, at Bangalore. These awards are given out on the eve of the fair in due recognition of the contribution that brands have made towards the advancement of design, horology and its connected fields in India and around the world.

The Dominion of Art and Precision

Crafted alongside the expertise of international design doyen, Seymourpowell, this collection of watches lays impeccable emphasis on finesse and design, while inspiring progressive living. Perfected in form Shazé’s Aero collection reflects an ode to its inspiration – aerodynamics. Keeping in line with the overarching concept, the Aero collection of watches displays a case that allows for air to pass through the lungs while simultaneously being structured with purposeful arcs and straight lines. These watches showcase a well-defined frame, featuring a CNC machined stainless steel case that is unique to the brand. The precision-crafted hollow spaces as seen in the lungs, dramatize the case of this hand gear, spotlighting the bold silhouette. The fractal design embedded at the back of the case and on the dial is an abstract arrangement of celestial bodies. These enchanting representations of the cosmos make for an aesthetic that is beyond origin.

Hands Down For Every Occasion

A The interchangeable straps welcome diverse preferences. They vary from a ceremonial black and relaxed tan, to uninhibited bolder hues like pink, blue and crimson and celebrate different occasions and the personalities of individuals that resonate with them. Ideal for every affair, the collection features watches that are fashioned for day-wear, formal evening affairs, party nights and weekend escapades.

A Prestigious Design

This award recognizes and awards our full scale foray into the premium lifestyle watch segment with watches that are not only ahead of the curve in terms of innovation but are equally endowed with exquisite craftsmanship.

Through its design, these Shazé timepieces have brought to the complexity of the idea, a style that is minimalistic and flamboyant. This endeavour presents watch lovers with eclectic designs and is sure to make an indelible impact. We recognize this as a huge step towards establishing the Shazé watch collection as a brand in its own right.

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