Ultimate Hacks to Care for Your Silk Scarves

Ultimate Hacks to Care for Your Silk Scarves

05 September 2018

shazé offers a vibrant inspired range of scarves to its discerning clientele. It is only shazé that crafts and creates handpicked/exclusive items that enable self-expression. Speaking of travel tales and exotic adventures, the scarf collection features gorgeous prints like the hot-air balloon or country stamps in the finest of silks.

In appearance silk has a sheen and luminosity that makes it look luxurious. Since silk production is labor intensive and costly it has often been used by royalty and people of wealth for centuries, and it has in fact sometimes become a symbol for wealth and achievement. In England, for example, when an attorney reaches a certain status and earns the honor of being a QC (for Queen's Council), he or she is said to "take the silk".

When you want to up the ante at an event or party, premium scarves for women from shazé should be your ultimate choice. Fine silk scarves as a gifting option for women is an innovative and thoughtful option too. shazé offers a collection of premium quality scarves online for women.

If you are passionate about your designer scarf collection, the special instructions that need to be followed to care for your priceless beauties are very important to follow and keep in mind. Your endearing accessory will only last in good condition until you give it tender love and care.

We give you the ultimate hacks on how to care for your fine silk scarf:

1.Goodbye iron.

Silk clothing keeps one cool in the summer, it provides surprising warmth in the winter and is often used as an insulation layer in different types of clothing. Silk can absorb a fairly significant amount of moisture. Your scarf will regain its shape and form after a gentle wash so keep that iron hidden away in your laundry room!

2. Skipped reading the wash care instructions label? Think again..

Every scarf has a unique care procedure. Some of them require gentle hand wash while other really delicate silk scarves need unique dry clean services. Extend the life of your designer scarf by treating it with utmost caution.

3. Gentle care, longer life..

Silk has the quality of being really flexible. It has delicate fibres that can get damaged if you wash it in hot water. Always remember to gently hand wash your scarf in cold water only. Do not wring, twist, or rub the silk scarf while washing.

4. Sun shy!.

You would never want your beloved scarf to lose its vibrancy and the gorgeous mélange of colours to fade. Harsh sunlight can do that to your scarves, you have been warned! Store those beauties in a dry airy box, preferably with moth repellent sachets.

5. Chemicals – touch me not!.

Our scarves are highly resilient but special care should be taken that they are kept away from harsh bleaches and perfumes to sustain their original look.

Lastly, we leave you with a visual treat of some of the highly desirable scarves from our collection. Drape them in your own unique way to up your fashion game!

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