What Barware Personality are You?

31 August 2019

Which Barware Personality Type Are You?

Making a choice isn’t merely a selection from the line up exhibited in front of you. A choice gives insight to your likes and dislikes, your character and its quirks. Your choices are flavourful highlights to your personality. And a blend of these flavourful characteristics is what stirs up an interesting party.

Your very circle has an assortment of personalities that are uniquely incredible from the other. Yet together, you come together to make a rather intriguing group. Everything from clothing, to accessories, down to how you like your drink, are all choices that add up to highlighting the qualities you possess. Making another intriguing set is Shaze’s Hosting Collection. With their designated features, these products exude a personality type that you might find familiar.

The Wingmen

The perfect set of bar tools are a must for hosting a jolly soiree. The Wingmen, as the name suggests, accompany the Alpha and the Alchemist. Every leader has his/ her tribe. You need a classic opener to make an impression during the first rendezvous, a strainer to filter out the crowd, a stirrer to strike up an interesting conversation and a muddler for that enjoyable burst of laughter that keeps the evening going.

Raise your glasses and toast to you and your clique. After all, the party has only just begun!


As the name suggests, this is the ultimate decanter, crafted to perfection. For those of you who are the ultimate aficionado, this decanter demands authority and attention, with its algorithmic waves that create a visual depth like no other. The leader of the pack- known to create an impact, the party generally revolves around you, The Alpha. Suited for the decision maker with an evolved palate, uncork this decanter to bring alive a wealth of experience and unrivalled decadence. True to the name, you may leave your mark or mark your territory using the neck-tag.

The Alchemist

Crowned by a metal infused cork, the sleekly designed decanter is well suited to the famous, well – travelled, discerning palate. You’re someone who like to take the leap and will mostly have a tale to tell at the end of it all. You are certainly going to appreciate the cleverly designed nuances of the Alchemist, and so are your right-brained friends. While pouring a drink of your choice, The Alchemist will conjure up memories and tales from faraway lands; awe-inspiring cultures, people and places. Designed to create a lasting impression, The Alchemist will indulge your senses and offer a transcendental experience.

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