The Cocktail Hour - Kicking Off Your Wedding Celebrations On The Right Foot

05 February 2020

The Cocktail Hour - Kicking Off Your Wedding Celebrations On The Right Foot

Here’s how you make your mark at a wedding cocktail party that you either host or attend.

Post the wedding ceremony, a cocktail party eases you into the reception and is an enjoyable way to celebrate the magical union between the bride and groom. Tying together the main events of the day, a cocktail party is all about mixing, mingling and relaxing.

An Attire For Attending

The main purpose of requesting a cocktail attire is to stay true to the theme of the wedding. This establishes a sartorial and less ambiguous dress code for your cocktail party. Afternoon suits are a popular choice for men’s attire, complete with a tie which is a few shades brighter. Prints or patterns, work well too, but shy away from mixing patterns with bright or solid colours. In addition to necessities, like a nice belt and dress socks, Shaze’s Dart Board Cufflinks are important men’s accessories that bring your whole look together. Tea-length formal dresses or skirts are a chic option for women, though wearing pant suits will make quite the style statement. Drop earrings, statement necklaces, and coloured bracelets are all great options to consider. Our Regal Drop Earrings, Orphic Necklace and the Blue Elegant Bracelet are statement pieces to accessorize your evening outfit.

Some Hosting Advice

The cocktail hour might seem like a small detail on your big day, but, it is that time of the day that will get the festivities started while perfectly transitioning from ceremony mode to party mode. Firstly, think about the type of drinks you want to offer your guests. Certain drinks are better suited to the summers and this seasonality of drinks applies to your cocktail party as well. Interactive food counters are great engagement points for guests until the bride and groom make their grand entry. Giving them something delicious to snack on will get people talking and conversations flowing. Music can make or break a vibe, so carefully curate the playlist for your cocktail hour. Think about how you want to make your guests feel- and that should dictate the music you choose. You would also want to carry that cohesive look from the ceremony and reception into the décor of your cocktail party. Creating a lounge area is a unique way to define a more casual space at your venue and allows you to infuse your personal style, whether vintage or modern.   

You This cocktail hour is a prelude to a great wedding reception and when done right, can make your series of magical moments and memories to last a lifetime.

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