The Art of Cold Brewing Your Coffee

27 September 2019

The Art of Cold Brewing Your Coffee

It was once upon a time when only a cappuccino or an espresso were the perfect wake-me-up drinks for a good start to the day. Coffee enthusiasts swear by cold brews being the next big indulgence. There’s an assortment of cold brews out there that you can try, but nothing compares to being part of the brewing. What escalates this experience, other than having the right coffee, is the right coffee essentials to extract the finest flavour. And Shaze’s brew-ware is designed to deliver just that. Another aspect to love about cold brews is that it makes for an interesting beverage when you have a surprise visit from guests. Here’s everything you need to know about cold brewing.

Hot v/s cold brew: There’s not an ounce of doubt that waking up to the fresh, invigorating aroma of your favourite coffee is truly a soul uplifting moment. Great hot coffee has a strong aroma, rounded flavour, crisp acidity and a hint of low bitter notes, perfect for a stimulating start to the day. Cold brew coffee is made by soaking coffee beans in room temperature or cold water for a longer period of time. It has a smooth, sweet flavour and virtually no bitterness, given that it is 60% less acidic than regular brew coffee. The caffeine levels across both remain more or less the same.

Creating the perfect cold brew: Steeping time and the perfect temperature are essential while creating your perfect cold brew.  Simply leave your coffee grounds to brew for 16 - 20 hours to slowly soak in the flavours for a luscious, sweet taste in your Blendist. You may also choose the pour over method using The Caffeinator, which is a faster process and ideal when using a finer grind of coffee. You will know if your coffee is under brewed when it tastes sour and salty, as the sugars, oils and balancing bitter notes will not have steeped in all the flavours. Ready to serve, cold brews are perfect for lazy mornings and days when you have surprise visits from guests.

Bursting with flavour: Being a versatile beverage, you may transform your cold brew concentrate into a variety of drinks such as iced coffee, cold brew soda and cold brew cocktails, perfect for an evening with your close circle. Spruce up your drink with a touch of soda or a dollop of sweetened cream tinged with the finest Madagascar vanilla for a soul satiating flavour.

Eye-catching brew ware along with an interesting array of cold brew concoctions are sure to place you amongst the highest echelons of coffee connoisseurs. And when you’re at this point, one thing you need to know is that your cold brew soiree is where the party’s at!


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