Styling Tips for the Perfect Summer Vacation

Styling Tips for the Perfect Summer Vacation

23 May 2017

It’s the season for vacation again! Exciting, right??? Destinations chosen, flight tickets booked and hotels reserved. The only task you are left with is packing! What and how to pack could be tricky in the absence of useful tips. And surely, you won’t want to miss those photo opportunities on your vacation just because you are not looking that great! Let’s explore a few tips here to look your stylish best during these long awaited holidays.

For obvious reasons, the suitcase cannot be packed with a lot of things. However, looking good amidst the enchanting natural allures is primary incentive for all. You need to choose what defines glitz and glam for you. After all, you should be glad to open the suitcase after your flight!

A pair of sunglasses is a must. Whether you are going for a beach vacation or for a thrilling feel of the mountains, investing in a branded pair of sunglasses is necessary - not only to protect your eyes but to look chic and fashionable under the sun. Frames with different shapes and colours could spoil you with choices. Get the one that defines your facial features in a tasteful style.

A Stylish Watch

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you need to keep time. So, why not keep it in style? A branded watch with a splash of colour could just be the thing you need for your vacation. It would definitely jazz up your wrist without effort. And, carrying wrist watches was never a hassle for anyone’s luggage stories.

A Designer Silk Scarf

Yeah! Keeping a designer scarf is oh-so-cool for any destination. Wear it to your beach party or wrap around your neck to ward off the cold breeze, a cool design on a silk scarf will always keep your style quotient a notch higher. Additionally, these versatile accessories let you flaunt a colourful even when you are wearing a dull attire on your outings.

A Glam Necklace 

A dream dinner on your dream vacation is surely on the list. So, why not prepare for it with a glam necklace? An intelligent design and pops of unusual colours could make you look the best on this dream dinner night. Choose a necklace that could assert your style statement just the way you have ever thought of. A statement piece would never ask for any added accessories. Now that’s a good news for your luggage weight!

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