Rejuvenating Infused Teas

Rejuvenating Infused Teas

24 July 2020
Rejuvenating Infused Teas

Rejuvenating Infused Teas


Life's beautiful when infused with experiences that make it indulgent. And the closer you look, the more of these experiences you will discover. It could be sitting atop a counter in your kitchen. A condiment in a jar, a spice in a pot, or even a kettle on a shelf.

Explore 5 of the finest tea recipes and brew a new experience for you and those at home. Give them a try and revise your routines to rituals as you explore an assortment of ingredients, flavours and personality of each brew.  

Take this time to make life beautiful, as you discover the uniqueness that blooms with every brew. 



1) Place a generous amount of loose tea, slightly crush the cardamom in your hand along with the rose petals in your infuser.

2) Add boiling water into the Steamcatcher and Ensure its that the water is not above 80 degrees. Then add the water into the brewmaster.

3) Cover the lid of the Brewmaster with the infuser.

4) Set the timer for 10-15 minutes.

5) After the tea has been brewed, pour it into your glass.

6) Add more boiling water depending on dark you want the tea.

7) You can add sugar as per taste.


1) Add four spoons of green tea in the infuser.

2) Add 600 ml of boiling water into the steamcatcher and ensure that the temperature of the water should be 65 degrees.

3) Add the boiling water into the brewmaster and place the infuser.

4) Set the timer to 4 minutes and let the tea brew. Wait for the timer to buzz

5) Take a glass and add 3-4 cubes of ice.

6) Squeeze a lemon in it and add 4-5 crushed basil leaves into the glass.

7) Pour the freshly brewed green tea into the ice filled glass

8) Add some honey as per taste

9) Here’s your ICY – Basil Lemon Green tea ready to be served.


1) Steep the green tea lives, dried ginger powder, cloves and cinnamon park inside the infuser

2) Add some hot water into the Brewmaster

3) Let the concoction brew for 5 minutes in the hot water.

4) Add honey in the mix and squeeze the orange peel over the brew.

5) Pour the freshly brewed ginger- honey tea.

6) Mix and enjoy.


1) Add 2-3 of dried purple into the infuser

2) Add hot water to the brewmaster

3) Simmer the tea for 3-4 minutes (if you want a strong concoction leave it for 10 minutes)

4) Pour it in you cup. Although the tea is very pleasant in taste you can add a little bit of Honey or Sugar to sweeten the brew


1) Add your green tea into the infuser

2) Add water of up to 95 degree Celsius into your Brewmaster

3) Let the brew steep for three minutes

4) After the tea is brewed add some mint leaves and let the tea settle.

5) Pour your tea into your glasses and add sugar as per your taste

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