Progressive Gifting For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Progressive Gifting For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

20 December 2019
Progressive Gifting For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Progressive Gifting


These gifting ideas go beyond the traditional take and make good cheer for a time of the year that is purely magic.

Christmas gifting is one of the season's most beloved traditions, however gifting the most discerning people in your life can sometimes be not so easy. And, we're of the belief that with the season getting better each year, so should the gift. And why not! Here are a few ideas that will bring new meaning to your Christmas gifting.

For the Fashionable Friend

Add a little Christmas glint to the cuffs of your fashionable friend this holiday season with quirky and classy cufflinks. With the plethora of cufflinks on display, your friend can fashion himself to suit any occasion the season calls for. You can pick more subtle designs in muted colours like Shaze’s Textured Cufflinks for something more formal or Shaze’s Star Cufflinks for a relaxed look. When it comes to men’s accessories, there’s not a doubt that with these pieces, your bud is going to redefine dapper.

For someone who enjoys hosting those delightful parties, The Cage would make a perfect gift that will look special on their counter. Stellar Christmas drinks deserve something with a twist of festive magic. Let your friend serve up his Christmas drink with a true show stopper and create a holiday moment to cherish with his loved ones around him.

Progressive Gifting

For the Artists

Embracing festive traditions adds a little magic to the holiday season and a sparkling piece of jewellery can have this effect. Shaze’s Crosslight Earrings and Star Brooch, trinkets with dual tones, are the perfect gifts that will spruce up an outfit for last- minute holiday parties. These pieces of women’s jewellery are perfect for them to make a mark during the holiday season. Slinking away unnoticed at a party, the artistic type like sticking to quieter corners where they feel most comfortable. Artists also have a special infatuation with corners and an empty dull corner sticks out like a sore thumb to them. Introduce the spirit of Christmas subtly into the corners of their home with The Red Truncus Figurine. Christmas is a peaceful time of the year and this piece symbolises gentle, reposing strength. This is complementary to those who are quiet but like to be recognized for what they do without drawing the spotlight to them.

Progressive Gifting - Brooch

It’s A Merrier Time When You’re Present

Time is one of the best gifts you can give or receive during Christmas time. When you get together, enjoying those holiday moments, it makes a marked difference in the lives of the people around you. Hosting a Christmas party is a great way to spend time with friends and family and share a meaningful conversation. While presents are great, you’re presence counts so much more.

Progressive Gifting

Oscar Wilde once said, "I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." We explore simplicity through the lens of minimalistic design and these gifts from Shaze are sure to appease those with progressive tastes in the true spirit of Christmas.

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