Music - A Chance For Redemption

Music - A Chance For Redemption

04 May 2020
Music - A Chance For Redemption


Music - A Chance For Redemption

It is impossible to imagine a world without music. In fact, in the documented history of humanity, we have never existed without it. The phenomenon of music is cross-cultural and has a dynamic ability to influence your general well-being- from mood regulation, to rumination, to self-expression.

These 3 genres, we find, are most conducive to boost your spirits and positively affect your mood.

Reggae – One World, One Love

Reggae is one of the music genres that can help you mellow out and modify your perspective in any situation. The rhythm of the music is known to put your heart rate at ease. This is because reggae is based on the rhythm of peacefulness with a vibe of healthy living. Listen to ‘The Legend’- which is a compilation album of Jamaica’s favourite son – Bob Marley. Bob Marley was the beacon of peace, hope, and unity in a world divided by strife and conflict and continues to be a spiritual guru to millions via his records. His music has souls of all ages finding a common path to a greater conscience and the novel human spirit.

Classical Music – An Allegro For Your Spirit

Classical music is a remarkable index of the most profoundest impulses and is performed by artists who do not mingle art with commerce. On days, when everything seems grey, works of classical repertoire exhibit some of the most joyous pieces of music that can brighten up your life. There are many composers and artists for you to choose from, the likes of which include Mozart, Copland, Debussy and Chopin. This list also includes Indian classical maestros like Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, Pandit Nikhil Ranjan Banerjee and Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, who are known around the world to elicit emotions with each note they play.

Rock Out While You Work Out

You may have to stay home but it is no excuse to allowing laziness to take over. Staying home tends to mean more eating and less moving for many of us, but including a workout regime with some rock music can provide all the motivation you need. An album like Raw Power by The Stooges helps you forget about your physical exertions and puts you in the zone when it comes to your daily workout.

The majority of people in the world, in current times of panic, have isolated themselves in a bid to restrict further damage. There is an antisocial vibe causing a dip in the mood. But with music, self-isolation and limited social contact become less of a burden.

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