Minimalism vs Maximalism: What’s your calling?

Minimalism vs Maximalism: What’s your calling?

31 August 2018

Art, Fashion, Interiors or Music. Every form of self-expression globally has had a brush with the ideas of Minimalism and Maximalism. At extreme opposite ends of the spectrum, these styles can pretty much define your sartorial sense.

Jovial Tangerine or Muted Grey? Baroque Woven Furnishings or Pristine White Silks? Arabesque Fittings or Mother of Pearl Head Board?

Maximum or Minimum-take your pick!

Curious to know what Maximalist fashion is all about?

Maximalism is a celebration, where “more is more” takes precedence over its widely known sibling, “less is more”. You could argue that it is what we call “statement dressing or decor”.

Maximalist sensibility is a parade of prints, vibrant colours and embellishment; be it Moschino, Kenzo, or even Prada and Balmain! Think fashion goddess Iris Apfel, the art of dressing up in clashing prints and larger-than-life accessories has never been this inspired.

The recipe of Maximalist fashion and décor is a cheerful concoction of travel tales, fashion eras, world cultures and one’s own instincts.

Tell me about Minimalism!

Minimalism is clean, restrained and unruffled. Minimalism emerged in New York in the early 1960s among artists who were self-consciously renouncing recent art they thought had become mundane. The new art favoured the subtle over the "dramatic". While Maximalist fashion is an ongoing trend, the Japanese have coined a term for the world to heed- Shibui.

Shibui is a term used to describe objects that are attractive in their austerity and restraint. If you’re a person who prefers clean and unobtrusive designs, then you may have a minimalist sense of style. Shibusa is an enriched, subdued appearance or experience of intrinsically fine quality with economy of form, line, and effort, producing a timeless tranquillity. It is the registration of life or ‘feeling experiences’, quiet beauty with intelligence, love, light, and joy. These qualities can be more easily felt when gently viewing modest, natural everyday phenomenon or objects, such as the sunrise or a simple piece of pottery.

Knowing the details of the design could help you decide which side you prefer; we are unravelling the code for both ideals. Pick the style that moves you, and display it with élan.

Top 5 Key Design Landmarks that differentiate the Maximalist from the Minimalist:

In Colour:

While a Minimalist revel in the glory of neutrals and muted tones, a sturdy vivacious neon Bulldog figurine as a statement home décor piece could easily be pulled off in a montage of a Maximalist’s living or work space.

In-Line and Form:

An ergonomic environment becomes a habit and necessity for a Minimalist. Clean lines, solid shapes, simple aesthetics and immaculate finish is a given for such spaces or accessories.

In Prints and Patterns:

You will never see Maximalists wearing plain, boring clothes. For beginners, an easy way to get on board is to mix different prints in the same colour family. A floral print maxi dress could easily be juxtaposed by an equally vibrant Madras checked jacket. Try playing around with different textures and build key looks with common fashion or decor staples.

A Minimalistic space would be devoid of eye-catching prints. Tonal weaves and subtle designs make up the space or look of the minimum seeking individual.

In Thought:

Organized chaos almost defines the life of Maximalists, they know accurately where that Tweed Blazer sits prettily in their vast medley of garments or the precise location of that chunky necklace from the zillion trinket boxes they own. Maximalists tend to be whimsical in their thoughts and approach. They are experimental souls.

Minimalists take pride in owning only a few key pieces of décor or jewellery that speak of their style. They invest in only quality products that go a long way in keeping their space clutter-free but impactful. Possessions like Shoehorns or Newspaper Holders exude a refined and fashion-forward demeanour. Nonchalant yet cultured choices such as the global appeal of men’s Walking Sticks, the Minimalists are true pioneers of the fashion game. If you see yourself in this set, buy luxe and striking key animal figurine décor pieces to adorn uncluttered spaces and exude an urbane aesthetic. 

You could choose your approach but then again rest easy! There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion and self-expression! You could be the wildflower child of the 70s within your soul or channel Audrey Hepburn’s classic grace. At the end of the day, it is all about exhibiting your unique sensibilities and individual flair.

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