Launching Poetic Masterpieces of Designs in Jewellery

Launching Poetic Masterpieces of Designs in Jewellery

29 September 2018

Shorthand for sophisticated, arty, bohemian and even exuding a rock vibe, the Paisley motif has been the most versatile and popular motif in fashion and jewellery for centuries.

The rich symbolism and rebellious aura that surrounds the paisley motif have kept it thriving. The iconic motif has had quite a journey. From its ancient Persian and Indian origins with its hidden messages and mysterious symbolism, the paisley pattern has travelled the silk routes from East to West, been adopted by the 19th century boho set, ushered in the hippy era and become an emblem of rock ‘n’ roll swagger and swank.

In the late 1960’s “The Beatles” travelled to India and when they returned, they brought back local fashions which influenced various styles, bringing the paisley, once again, back into popularity with mainstream America. Even the legendary John Lennon had a Rolls Royce custom painted with a paisley design. In those times, this universal design was popping up everywhere from artwork, fashion, home décor and even guitars. There has always been a sense of exoticism and luxury about it. It’s an organic motif that is also stylized and has a complexity and depth to it. It has that flamboyant connotation, it’s a look that says ‘notice me’.

Inspired by the iconic motif that has captured the sartorial imagination of the world, shazé introduces a line of imperial jewels. This paisley inspired high-end jewellery range by shazé called'Poetry in Motion' marries Italian craft and inimitable Indian art. 

The jewellery line is a harmonious form of poetry which conforms to no rules. Studded with gleaming cubic zirconia crystals and finished with opaque enamel, the gold finish range spells pure opulence. Paisley motifs in intricate silhouettes and dramatic colours create a sweet symphony of design and form. With vibrant colours - crimson, cobalt, lilac and teal, the enamel finish in this collection makes it versatile and luxe. A deluxe gold plating to the jewellery adds on to the grace and femininity of the range.

With designs that drape and embrace your style, the collection is sheer poetry in motion. The motif that is a visual combination of a spray of floral elements and a cashmere tree features in the rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants of this collection.

A luxurious line, the range features Italian enamelling and theatrical artistic effects. Iconic and unique for attention to detail, the collection represents the muse – the Paisley which is a heritage motif and marks a legacy in high fashion and jewellery.

The ‘Poetry in Motion’ range forms an imaginary journey from medieval times to cameos to the sharp styling of modern metropolises.

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