How To Do Up Spaces With The Right Décor

26 November 2019

How To Do Up Spaces With The Right Décor

When you have your own space to play with, it's always fun to add some home décor items to liven it up.

Decorating your home is not as elementary as you think. These idols and figurines from Shaze will enhance your personal space, reflect your sense of style and mirror your personality.

Decorating with idols and figurines can be symbolic, as it provides a unique blend of form and texture to your home. Shaze’s figurines perfectly complement the energy and will introduce a sense of balance in any living space. For example, if the colour scheme of your home is somewhat warm and earthy, the silver finish and metallic gloss of these figurines and idols add a bit of sophistication to the essence of your room. Here are a few home décor ideas to get you started.

Create A Side Table

A side table in its essence is about creating surfaces for displaying and lighting in your living area. Stacked modular storage or a steeped side table where your idols and figurines can sit comfortably will instantly draw attention to the space. Stack some books and other reading material next to these figurines, to spotlight your interests. Shaze’s Buddha idol maybe symbolic here as it signifies growth while blending with the overall theme that you intend to establish.

Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall of idols and figurines is another great way to showcase your personality through your space. In combination with the smooth surfaces of your prized paintings and memorable pictures, full bodied figurines add depth to your living area. Consider building floating shelves at different steps and in positions where they highlight any wing of your home. These floating shelves would be the perfect place to display figurines that show what you are passionate about. Shaze’s well crafted Crouching Golfer figurine, is a great showpiece item for the golf enthusiast.   

Injecting A Personality Into The Living Room

You can make a strong statement in your living area by including a bold figurine on your centre table, especially when the figurine depicts contrast. Shaze’s Shining Verve horse figurine, for instance, is a unique figurine which depicts strength and can be placed next to the sofa set in the living room, where you usually relax. Shaze’s Hippo figurine is also a beautiful medley of the strong and sturdy hippo with the playful and dainty oxpecker in a vibrant hue.  If wit is what you are known for, this contrasting choice in décor is a subtle display of your personality type.

Mixing and matching the right items is not difficult if you know how to compliment them with colours and patterns in your space. Visit our website to view the entire collection and find pieces that add to the overall chi of your living area.

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