Go Bold - Make A Statement!

02 May 2018

Celebrate the endless joys of summer days in the reminiscence of bright, happy colours- the rich yellows of the mangoes, the serene blues of the quiet summer afternoon skies and the delectable hues of fresh berries that instantly take us back to tropical summer vacations. The quintessential vibe leaves us with fresh, flowing dresses and ostentatious jewellery that commands attention. With eclectic and bold pieces making a huge mark on the international fashion circuits, the Go Bold collection by shazé keeps right on trend. Showcasing stunning creative aesthetics coupled with experimental and innovative use of mediums, the collection is a nod to the ultimate shazé attitude- fierce, bold and for individuals with a penchant for artistic detailing. For a woman who believes in being her unapologetic self, for the ones who always seek to experiment with their looks, the Go Bold collection becomes an instant favourite. With jewellery being such an inseparable part of a woman’s sense of style, the pieces fit seamlessly helping you create a sartorially chic wardrobe. Apart from being contemporary it is also a sure winner for its versatility, with the designers taking inspiration from various walks of life and incorporating them into the designs- creating pieces that not only tell a story but also make head-turning statements on their own. In a stunning amalgamation of gold tones in a reflection of the sun and artistic themes that pique ones interest, the line is a beautiful representation of a personality that constantly dodges mainstream. With elemental inspiration from the meso-American Mayan culture, the delicate intricacies of the Trail of Nature theme and larger than life Surrealistic ideas, the designs imbue a feeling of avant garde and make for treasured pieces of jewellery that instantly not only elevate your ensemble but also make you stand out.

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