Brewing Beauty. Brewing Beverages

13 August 2019

Brewing Beauty. Brewing Beverages

What’s not to love about rich aroma brewing in the kitchen, first thing in the morning. Be it the traditional whiff of a cup of tea or the fresh wake-up call of coffee, the right way of brewing these beverage is considered a science.

It isn’t something you pick up one day and master the other. It takes practice and the right brew-ware aids in crafting your dark desirable elixir to a pleasurable flavour. Sure, coffee machines churn for you, that hot cuppa for the day. But know that achieving that touch of personalization in getting the flavour just the way you like it, is possible only when you have control over that process. Rather than it happening in a standard, mechanized fashion. The Shazé hosting collection brings forth a range of brew ware products that provide precision brewing, mesmerizing visual and a signature for your flair for hosting.


Rightly called The Caffeinator, the pour-over is crafted with such precision, that it can brew your favourite coffee no matter how fine the grind. As the water sinks through every granule, it extracts for you the finest flavour of your coffee. After all, you don’t want to miss out on any of the good stuff. The rich brown brew then drips through the conical mesh, down to the bottom of the glass carafe. A blissful sight to behold.


One of the most classic coffee making experiences is delivered to you by a French press. But while the mechanism may be vanilla and evergreen, the timer at the top allows you to draw from your grind the perfect flavour. And while at it, it renders a rather enchanting visual of the coffee grinds swirling to the bottom of the crystal clear carafe. This dance-like descend is like your very own morning show.


Like a sensei of sorts, The Brewmaster, brews your favourite tea like a perfectionist that it is. With its top infused timer and metal mesh that encases the tea leaves, this piece is designed to conjure up the finest of flavour from your pekoes. Alongside this perfection brewing experience, the amber glow the candle below brings to your brew is no less than a staging of magic.

That moment with you and your perfect hot cup of the day is special and it deserves to stay that way. Handpick from the Shaze brew-ware collection for those blissful moments with you and your brew.

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