Anticipate a Good Hosting

28 August 2019

You Know You Can Anticipate a Good Hosting

An impression, that’s all it really takes to get your ball rolling as a great host. What differentiates a good host from a great one is anticipation.

A good host will have present his guest with almost everything they ask for, but a great host is someone who anticipates these requests and has them taken care of even before they are asked for. Ensuring that ease and elegance are skillfully woven into the evening, the Shaze barware accessories and products are designed specifically for the great host. What’s in a good evening if you aren’t part of it too? The Shaze hosting collection is a display of delightful design that allows for a smooth sailing for your evening.


A select collection of drinks and the choice to stir up an interesting concoction is always well received by guests. Hence having your choice of drinks displayed at arm’s length makes it all the more convenient. The Trilogy is designed to do just that. An ideal choice really, when catering to varied preferences. With their designated balance, The Wingmen stand at attention, ready to be at service in case you need to need to concoct an exciting mix.

The Gatsby

While you lounge with your inner circle, a nicely chilled beverage in hand always adds flavour to your tête-à-tête. And while you’re at it, you wouldn’t want to break away only to grab another chilled one. Think about it, what it your drink stayed cool, right in front of you and you could go on enjoying that conversation about the hot springs in New Zealand, interrupted? The Gatsby, like a true winner that it is, exhibits excellence in functionality and design. With an inbuilt coolant, it ensures prolonged cooling of your drinks, giving you the pleasure of enjoying it, just the way it ought to be.

The Berg

Another essential that allows you to serve a good drink, is ice. Riddling away the excess water, which tends to come in the way of you getting only your cluster of cubes, is the metal strainer engineered in the ice bucket. The design ingenuity in this piece of barware gives you a way to achieve satisfaction even in the slightest of details.

Now that you have your hosting gambits in place, raise the bar on expectations for the coming evening you host.

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