Elevate Your Home Space with the Numen Collection

09 September 2016

Distinctive and valuable pieces of décor enhance your home space. Have you ever wondered that a stunning decorative idol can be the centre of attraction for your homes? Nothing brings about the feeling of sophisticated luxury in a space quite like an attractive idol. Such a unique designer piece can also add a touch of serenity and positivity to your homes and surroundings. It can also be an ideal gifting option for someone special.  

 Gifting is the best way to gratify and build a good personal or business relationship. A valuable gift comes from the heart with a lot of thinking and is offered with a lot of care and appreciation. If you are looking for quintessential gifts for your loved ones, the Numen collection is the right choice. These distinctive idols are not only attractive pieces of home décor but are also perfect gifts for people you love. Home décor shopping can be made easy with the unique idols by shazé.

 Behind The Scenes:

The Numen collection has been designed by ERBI, which is the specialized in-house design studio of shazé that believes in creating something edgy, bold and distinctive. Every ERBI design is a thoughtful process, a dream moulded into a product. Using cutting edge technology, the products have been engineered to depict edginess, boldness and novelty. The designs are one-of-a-kind that speaks of innovation and creativity.   

The Numen Collection:

The amazing home décor collection comprises of three exclusive designer idols in electroformed silver, “the Equi”, “the Listener” and “the Zog”

The Equi – The Striking Balance

Designed with minimal intricacy, the strong fine lines of ‘the Equi’ represents his sovereignty in the universe. Classy in his purest form, there is a Striking Balance that reveals his perfection within. He believes in being equal to every soul who worships and is wise enough to reward the worthy.

The Listener – Ask. Believe. Receive.

Designed with minimal or no facial features, his big ears give eminence to the form of ‘the listener.’ He listens to the prayers of all beings and uses his knowledge and consciousness to listen and reward. Sketched with soul and flesh, life depends on stillness and wisdom. 

The Zog: Recognizing Acceptance of All

The concept of ‘accept all’ defines the acceptance of all forms, shapes, hues and status. He is formless as is the energy from which everything manifests itself and into which everything will dissolve. His irregular rounded and abstract form is related to the philosophy of not-so-equal, yet he is the epitome of Acceptance. His posture and balance are unusual, yet seems effortlessly graceful.

If you’re looking for home décor and gifts online or at stores, you can check http://www.shaze.in/ or visit our stores pan India for the exclusive Numen collection that has been launched recently. Because a personal touch to a home’s décor can make all the difference!

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