Diwali Deserves Thoughtful Gifting

25 October 2019

Skip the usual this Diwali, and truly show your appreciation with progressive gifts from Shaze.

Shaze’s answer to Diwali gifting combines impeccable design with rare inspiration and will leave the people you work with, in no doubt of your especial esteem. Teaware and coffeeware from the latest, Hosting Collection is thought infused with layers of discovery and delightful utility. A large amount of your day is dedicated to your work life and in all that time you spend with colleagues and partners, you share opinions, moments and build relations. Some turn out to be closer for various reasons and experiences you share with them. Diwali is a time for you to express your gratefulness for the change they have brought in your professional and maybe even personal life. With gifting being an evergreen trend, choose to pick thought-infused gifts; they are afterall the ones that express the most. Here’s a little guide to what’s a great choice of gift for whom. 

For The Gaffer

Your boss has mentored you well and has left a truly indelible mark as you carry forward valuable lessons learnt. The festival of lights is a great time to show your admiration by letting him or her experience the third wave of coffee culture in the comfort of his or her own home. Shaze’s elegant Caffeinator is a pour over that is sure to enrich his morning routine with his prized grinds in bloom. A ‘Shaze’ way of showing that you appreciate his or her hard work because it’s never easy being in charge.

For The Patrons

Clients everywhere are the ones who patronize your products and services all through the year. Diwali is the perfect occasion to strengthen relations with the new as well as the existing ones. Every time they enjoy the amber radiance of their brew in The Brewmaster, they will be reminded of why they enjoy working with you in the first place. Beyond the norm, in a skillfully conceived frame, the Brewmaster stages some theatrics, while brewing their favourite pekoe in a delightful teapot. The contract is not what binds you and why your clients are on board on this journey. Choose the right gift with Shaze, refresh their perception of you and revive your relationship this Diwali.

For The Team Baron

The good times in your office always involve great managers, so this Diwali a little thank you is in order. A good manager is also someone who leads by example, has an infectious work ethic and to whom work truly means worship. He or she has taught you to always be available which in turn promotes trust in the team and provides a fair work environment. The Blendist, which is Shaze’s distinguished French-press is sure to impress your manager no matter how tricky he or she is to shop for. The precision fitted glass offers a gorgeous view of their prized noir-blends swirling to the depths of the beaker as they break to brew that perfect warmth this Diwali. Thoughtfully infused, The Blendist, just like your manager, is an epitome of ingenuity, adeptly extracting your own uniqueness and best performance at the job.

This Diwali gather with the stars we work with in your own lives and give gifts that bring light to theirs. We offer you a premium and progressive way to show some love this festive season.

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