Demystifying Gifting For the Best Man Who Has Everything Else Covered (Part 2)

Demystifying Gifting For the Best Man Who Has Everything Else Covered (Part 2)

26 November 2019


As a person who knows the groom well, the best man can do plenty when it comes to gifting.

In addition to the planning of the big bachelors and your assistance with the rest of the running around, your duties being the best man extends to making sure the gifting is in place too. Raising the bar on epic best man management and delivery of experiences, is what really keeps the ball rolling for your part in The Day. What’s great is that you’ve started at the right place. Here. Shaze’s stylish men’s accessories own distinct designs that make for incredible gifts, but even better, undoubtedly endorse you as the Best Best Man of the Year!

The Gift for the Groom

The groom usually puts considerable thought into gifting his groomsmen. He’s given a thought to an endless number of things when it comes to his boys- so some recognition from the best man is in order. As the best man you know more about the groom’s interests than anyone else. Shaze’s Trilogy is a premier bar table that can prove to be a very tasteful gift for the groom who regularly throws parties. Handmade with European beech wood base, this piece is a stunner at the table and the fact that it can harbour 3 choicest beverages for his guests at once, signatures his style as the quintessential host. 


The Souvenir 

When it comes to return gifts, getting the maid of honour onboard is a must as this will give you a fair idea about the bride’s choice.
Brides often pay closer attention to details of the wedding, the takeaway gifts for instance.
For a musically inclined couple, Shaze’s Jazz cufflinks is undoubtedly a return gift idea that will remind their
guests of the non-stop jiving that they were a part of, on the wedding dance floor.

The Safe-keeping of Gifts

Rarely considered, the bride and groom are often juggling handling the gifts while wishing people. Team up with the maid of honour and stand by the couple during this session of greeting. Handling the gifts for them only allows this process to flow smoothly. Even after the wedding is over, consider keeping the gifts safely until the newlyweds are back from their honeymoon. Handling the gifts can be quite the task for sure!

Shouldering the gifting responsibilities in this manner will surely do justice to your role as a best man. Now you are on track to make the wedding day a truly memorable event for everyone involved, especially the people starting their new life together.  

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