Decanters That Delight

28 August 2019

Decanters to Delight Your Evening Affairs

Hosting a soiree showcases an acquired style, love for lifestyle and the echelon of those in your intimate circle you keep.

You would have noticed that much of these evenings revolve around little conversations by the bar, cherished drinks and a little something to rouge the evening for your guests. When you play the part of the host, you can’t help but experience heightened attention to detail. After all, the souvenirs your guests will walk away with at the end are, a conversation and a memory of how good the evening felt. A little envy too, maybe. Becoming not just great conversation starters, but interesting ones too, is our collection of Shaze decanters that spark a mood for your private gathering. Spectacles by themselves, here is how each of these decanters excites the magic of a moment for you and your guests.

The Wavemaker

Stimulating your drink to an enjoyable flavour and aroma, the ingenuity fused into the form of this decanter allows for aeration to take place twice. With a mid-section at the center, your drink aerates as it disperses into and out of the smoothly curved carafe. An enticing visual, the smooth streaming of your drink from the aerator is no less than therapeutic. You have to admit, there’s nothing more enticing to your palate than a smooth sip after it ripples into your glass, for the evening.

The Alpha

Take a minute to imagine this, you sink into that soft quilted sofa, and all you desire is a good conversation and a well-made drink in hand. Decanters allow you the delight of enjoying the company around you and the drink, with no distractions of labels, that would otherwise be. As you sit there and admire the light break through the swerves on the carafe, it creates for you a magical glistening. A moment of absolute tranquility. And you can’t help but sigh, ‘beautiful’.

The Ripple Design

Good lighting is the first mood setter for every space. You know this, because every time you enter a quaint café or the patio of a resort, you instantly feel a surge of calmness. The delicate dancing of the string of lights send a tickle through you, fascinating your every sense. And just like that, making for you that blissful moment, is the play of light through the rippling on the glass body. All that is left for you to do then, is lean back on your cushioned couch and admire the magic between the flow, form and fluid intensify.

Discover magical hosting with the theatrics staged by Shaze’s barware range.

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