Cufflinks 101 With Shaze

18 November 2019

Pair Your Cufflinks with Your Party 101.

Contrary to its size, cufflinks stich together your ensemble to make it a statement.

An accessory for the well groomed man, a pair of cufflinks exude elegance and class and is like a cherry on top of your personal style. In a place where everyone is similarly suited, your cufflinks, with a subtle yet flamboyant expression of style, can make quite a statement. Often their size deceives you from giving another thought to which of them you really want to pick for what function. Choosing the right cufflinks to go with your chinos, blazer and brogues or your Calvary Twill trousers and derbies is critical. The appropriate men's accessories like cufflinks paired with a matching outfit can help polish your look with attention to detail.

Black Tie Events

Whether it's a wedding, reception or gala, cufflinks are a great way to put that finishing touch of refinement and grace to the outfit you choose. Shaze’s classic cufflinks, like the Oxford Cufflinks for example, add the finishing touches to a man’s black-tie kit and allow him to inject a dash of swank without compromising its inherent formality. While the T-bar cufflinks are a great choice in general, the Black Textured Cufflinks instead, are an incredible choice to add that touch of suave. Avoid themes like guns and pinups on your cufflinks or casual styles like silk knot cufflinks, unless the occasion specifically calls for a more playful ensemble.

White Tie Events

Events like these are a matter of prestige and certainly do matter. This attire follows a strict guideline with no room for personal interpretation. Cufflinks are not optional but a must have accessory for a white tie event. Typically this involves tuxedos worn with matching cufflinks, shirt's studs, and waistcoat buttons. The most popular cufflinks in our collection for this affair include the Impartial Gold Cufflinks. Our Gold Cylindrical Cufflinks will typically do the trick as well, and will have you looking extremely dapper and in place

Conferences, Interviews, or Client Meetings

A conference, an interview, or a client meeting calls for a look that is polished and put together, without being over-dressed. A good option here would be the Epitome Cufflink Set by Shaze. A smart cufflinks option would complement more than one of the suits you wear to work, so something simple in silver or gold is a great choice for your everyday work-wear. Other colours that are easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe include black and navy blue. The Navy and Classic Black cufflinks available in our store might be just what you are looking for.

Holiday, Office Party, Dinner Party

Dinner parties are the perfect opportunity to inject a little bit more of your personality into your wardrobe. Shaze’s Globe cufflinks and Fountain Pen cufflinks are all strong options for all similar occasions which are not so formal. You also have the flexibility to be more casual and play with colour and different cufflink themes. Choose a pair of more fun cufflinks that symbolize something that you are passionate about. If you have been bitten by the photography bug our Photography Cufflinks could pique your interest. If the topics of conversation at the dinner table are lacking, a couple of fun cufflinks can lead to unexpected conversations and a good time.

Now that that's been cleared, choosing the next pair of cufflinks for an upcoming occasion is going to be easy breezy.

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