Corporate Gifts for Every Style and Budget

Corporate Gifts for Every Style and Budget

11 September 2018

It’s that time of the year again when your best clothes, jewellery, fine crystal and serve ware comes out for hosting guests! With festivities in the air, visiting near ones is a norm and suddenly there’s a rush to choose the most original and worthwhile gifts for your folks. It can be quite simple to understand the likes and dislikes of your friends or family and hence it’s easier to give the most unique, suitable and exciting gift to them. But when the time comes to giving innovative gifts to your employees or even clientele, it’s a completely different ball game.

ou don’t build a business, you build people and then those people build the business. So why not put in some time and thought into gratifying these important relations? Every year, organizations start planning on special rewards and gifts to gratify their hard working employees for the past year.

By building the right business relationships with the right people and nurturing them over time, you will always be the front runner in the competition. A good business relationship can be valuable social capital.

Understanding interests of your distinctive clientele becomes a top concern around the festival time. Preparations start in full vigor to impress premium clients. Professionals start reaching out to their past acquaintances and business friends that they have lost touch with in order to refresh bonds.

You don’t want to end up gifting something that can be irrelevant or mundane to your premium clientele or efficient employees. You get only one shot at this right?

Well, we take the pressure off the gifting game for you!

Be rest assured that the below listed corporate gifting options will not only delight your clients and employees, but will guarantee strengthened associations for the near future.

Custom Accessories

For those premium clients, you certainly need to make a lasting impression! Pen drives and office stationery just does not make the cut here. Exceptional lifestyle gifts like jewellery, silk scarves, cuff links that speak about the interests of the client like sports, music or travel, dapper looking pocket squares and utility based items such as decadentshoe horns or walking sticks are some of the options that could be apt for gifting to your discerning corporate clients.

Desktop Utility

With high quality at an unbelievable price, it is our aim to provide you with the best in desk top utility gifting options. From innovative photo frames and artistic table clocks to customized visiting-card holders, we have you covered when it comes to gifting table-top displays.

Gold and Silver Coins

Personalized brand name engraved silver or gold coins spell astute sense of pride of the company and exude a luxurious feel while still being affordable. Custom made to order, we deliver only the best quality in gifting silver and gold coins.

Award and Achievements

Design to impress is our motto! We create custom trophies appropriate to your event. Showcasing an upward graph of the company and solidarity amongst the employees, our bespoke medals or trophies are made in unique designs according to your brand philosophy.


Stick to the classics when it comes to impressing your clientele. Enjoy the festivities while we handle your corporate gifting needs. Our selections include fine silver Tea sets,God idols,Pooja thalis, ornamental jars and much more.

shazé offers a range of luxury gifts to suit all tastes. Understanding your requirement for bespoke gifts is our motto. We offer an end-to-end solution for allcorporate gifting needs.

Get in touch with us to enhance your gifting experience. We make your vision come to life!

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