Cocktail Hour - Hosting A Memorable Housewarming Party

13 March 2020

Cocktail Hour – Hosting A Memorable Housewarming Party

Beginning a new life by moving into a new residence truly is an enjoyable event and throwing the perfect house warmer is the way to say I’M HOME!.

Let's face it, successfully making it on the otherside of the home buying process is a Herculean task.  Having just moved into a new home, we understand a need to share your excitement. Start by planning, preparing and gathering all the accoutrement you need to host your very own housewarming party! Bring the warmth home by inviting your friends over for cocktails and make a celebratory entry as you relax into your new space and its ambience.

Drinks And Hors D’oeuvres

Break in the new digs by putting together a simple menu of bite-sized food. What you decide to serve should be good to consume, even after sitting on the counter for a few hours. Savory pastries should take up most of the table along with delightfully marinated skewers and Chorizo flatbreads which are always a crowd-pleaser. A party punch is a popular and basic, yet obvious choice when it comes to drinks. Consider serving drinks that are not too strong, but perfect for guests to sip on when they drop by. Let the clinking of the perfect glasses announce to everyone that it’s a celebration. Nothing says 'Celebration' like an elegant and icy bottle of champagne and nothing says 'style' quite like the Simcha which is a crystal Champagne glass from Shaze’s Hosting Collection. Each type of glassware from this collection is sculpted for you to enjoy the respective drink to the fullest and complete the drinking experience. The Scentaur, to give another example, is the best way for a whiskey lover to enhance the flavour in every sip. Let your guests experience a visual touch of class as the unique aroma of their drink collects in the upper portion of the Scentaur's bowl.

The Setting

Position small tables to provide spaces for perching of drinks, to collect napkins, disposal of discrete refuse, olive pips and the like. If you plan your housewarming on a weekday after work, dim lighting can be a vital ingredient as people relax and become less self-conscious while interacting with other guests. Low lights create a distinctly mellow and laid-back feel to your housewarming soiree. But don’t forget, your guests are at your housewarming to see what you have done with your new place so offer a house tour to interested guests as the party continues.

Moving is hard, moving is expensive, moving is stressful- but hosting a great housewarming party after is a great way to make moving fun. So, gather your friends, meet your new neighbours, and foster new relationships as you host and toast to your humble new abode.
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