Classic Canes and Characters

Classic Canes and Characters

20 December 2019
Classic Canes and Characters
Classic Canes and Characters

Classic Canes and Characters

The walking stick is an important men’s accessory that has made certain movie characters flamboyant and iconic.

Walking sticks have featured so powerfully in some movies that they tend to change the manner in which the film is being viewed. They fill voids in dialogue and have known to become characters in their own right.  Many popular movie characters feature walking sticks as a part of their persona. These walking sticks are more than just simple props, for without them these characters would surely be incomplete.

Charlie Chaplin

Boasting almost 100 years as one of the world's most famous walking stick carriers, Chaplin’s character is closely associated with his famous crook cane. His walking stick was a part of the character’s wardrobe as well as an integral part of the performance. You are sure to recognize him by his ‘bendy’ walking stick which is a lasting image of his most iconic roles which include The Tramp and Modern Times.

Jay Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the walking-stick-carrying Jay Gatsby in the movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby with total panache. The movie includes several iconic props customized to match the set, and the silver handled walking stick used by Leonardo Dicaprio is easily the most impressive. What is interesting about this particular walking stick is the daisy monogram embedded into it. In the movie, this represents the woman he loves coupled with his motivation to acquire wealth. 

Nanny McPhee

Sometimes using a walking stick can have a strong visual impact in the movie. The walking stick may encapsulate the themes of the film, or express a symbolic idea in a manner which no other object could. This is true when we speak about a movie featuring the world's favourite nanny. In her Nanny McPhee guise, Emma Thompson carries a wooden walking stick with her throughout the film with a look of total enchantment.

Classic Canes and Characters

The Riddler

The supervillain with a quizzical cane is an iconic character from the Batman universe. The Riddler would not be equipped to stand up against Batman without his iconic question mark walking stick. It is difficult to imagine any other movie character that had more fun with his walking stick than Jim Carrey’s Riddler as he twirled it, flipped it and spun it with gusto.

Lucius Malfoy

You could touch up your formal outfit with a walking stick as impressive as Lucius Malfoy's from the Harry Potter movie series. Malfoy carries a snakehead cane and if you are, or would like to gift, a Potterhead, we have a plethora of walking sticks with animal heads for you to choose from. This collection is sure to help you add your own take on the popular walking stick. The Snake walking stick is a stylish accessory for guys that would be perfect if you would like to stick to the original.

Movie Personas and Walking Sticks

Initially, the idea of using a walking stick as a fashion accessory was popularized in film by Fred Astaire in several of his movies. Back in the day, you weren't considered a gentleman if you didn't carry your cane with you. Today, the walking stick is making a comeback as a great fashion accessory for men that adds a touch of elegance to their stride. Visit our website to pick a walking stick that suits your personality the best.

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