Celebrate the Wedding Season with a Dash of Shaze

26 November 2019

Shaze And The Wedding Season

The wedding season is back and the floodgates to events will surge you with thoughts of what to wear and even more, what jewellery to pair with the outfit.

Wedding ensembles require you to pack that extra touch of flamboyance without overdoing it. You can layer different pieces of jewellery to showcase your unique taste and express your fashion sensibilities. It is easy to get carried away and go overboard, but here is how you can opt for jewellery that compliments your attire and the overall theme of that eventful day.

For The Bride

For the bride her wedding day is a culmination of a lot of planning and prepping. The final touches to the brides wedding look is jewellery that will get her noticed as she walks down the aisle or as she circles the holy fire. When it comes to women’s designer jewellery, it is important to identify all the standout features on the wedding gown and accessorize appropriately. With Shaze’s Gleaming Plumage Necklace Set, you can ensure that you get your jewellery right on your special day.

For The Bridesmaid

As a bridesmaid, it is key to remember that you need to own your own thunder and let your style shine right through. Shaze’s Moira Earrings would be perfect for an outfit that’s either detailed or a one that flaunts a vanilla style with a basic bold hue. You can enhance your jewellrey set with a few matching rings and bracelets too. Shaze’s Dandelion Chain bracelet could be just what the wedding season calls for. The right accessories can revamp your entire look and dazzle you must!

For The Wedding Guest

There is no cap to the glamour quotient you can bring to the carpet when attending a wedding. Often the conundrum is what to wear and our opinion on that is that you don’t really need to overthink it. Revise your draping technique and choose accessories that will spruce up your look. If it’s solid colours you’re going to pick, then opt for jewellery with a certain colour contrast. If you are wearing a red dress you could try pairing it with Shaze’s Spiral ring and Anzio earrings. If a patterned outfit is what you’re looking at, choose one color from that pattern and match your jewellery with it. This will make the color in the outfit pop.


Remember to always compliment the jewellery you choose with the attire even though your jewellery box may be brimming with one too many trinkets. Whatever you decide, make sure you wear the most precious accessory of all–that ever so gorgeous smile!

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