Celebrate Relationships This World Hosting Day

07 November 2019

A Toast To Making Real Connections - Celebrate World Hosting Day

As Aristotle famously mused, we, humans, are social animals. Thriving on social interactions and strong bonds with family and friends.

From intimate afternoon tea parties of the 1800s to modern day sundowner parties, we have come a look way and so has the art of hosting. With increasing globalization and technology advancements, the world has become a smaller place. Jet-setting across the world to working across various geographies seems to have become the norm. You may be having a breakfast meeting in Bangkok, lunch in Tokyo and dinner in Mumbai. Such is the pace of life nowadays. As part of living a life that is progressive, making connections plays an integral part. Making time to sit down and simply talk, heart to heart, share and listen to the person sitting on the opposite side. There is so much to discover, learn and be inspired by, when you invite someone over and host them. Whether it is a Netflix marathon night or a cosy dinner with a select few, there is nothing like entertaining in the comfort of your homes. From candid conversations about your travels over kebabs, late night revelations over a few sips to meeting interesting, like-minded people while discussing the next best thing, get togethers at home are intimate affairs that are worth looking forward to.

Inviting your friends over, an old school mate or even someone you met at yoga class, will give you an opportunity to either make a new connection, revive previous ones or strengthen the bonds you currently have. As you dive deeper into the conversation, exchange thoughts and experiences, you better understand the person sitting opposite you.

There’s a very good chance that your guest will share with you a side of themselves that you have never known. You may even find that the two of you share more similarities than expected. And before you know it, your shared sense of humour could have you both laughing endlessly and shaking hands in agreement of a political view. In that very moment, where connections spark, discoveries become delightful and conversations never see the end, is precisely where the joy of hosting lies.

Hosting as an experience is an enriching one. Encouraging an exchange of feelings and perspectives, hosting deserves to be practiced more often. Setting aside time from regular routines, to spend with someone, is one of the most honest signs of investment in a relationship. It shows you care And that’s priceless! The finest part of hosting at home isn’t just the exclusive guest list and menu you curate, but about bringing something interesting to the table. Quite literally. Something so interesting that conversations about it are carried back like souvenirs.

Shaze has always inspired and advocated progressive living. In support of this firmly rooted belief, we invite you to celebrate with us, World Hosting Day on the 9th of Nov 2019. Come visit us; you’re welcome to bring a friend along too, and allow us to treat you to a sublime hosting experience. To join us in the celebration connect with us on +919372501683.

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