09 August 2018

You get a call from that long lost friend who suddenly stumbled upon a free evening to catch up over drinks. You are excited but worried about making a good second impression on your friend. After all, you are meeting them after eons and want to put your best foot forward! Dressed in office formals, one isn’t really ready to make a statement. You wish you had planned your outfit and accessories better and bought that easy transition necklace or knew a way to style it with those mundane trousers.

Well, look no further! We are here to bring energy and freshness to your desk to party look. Take the day and ‘carpe noctem’ or seize the night.

Looking smart gives a woman a high level of confidence and gravitas at work. Fashion’s all about change, more so now than ever. If your look always stays the same and you’re not careful, it can seem like you’re stuck in a time warp or your style could become uninspired. What’s really important is to consider and infuse trends into your daily line-up. Be open to discovering new silhouettes and colors, change is good!

To achieve the ultimate look that puts forth your personal brand from Desk to Party, we've broken down the staple wardrobe must-haves:

Ready, Steady, Hors d' oeuvres

Wear easy transition pieces like the basic black jumpsuit. Definitive colors like black, army green, navy or ecru in jumpsuits can be paired with a formal blazer for work along with a high contrast printed scarf set off by your signature perfume.

Conference to Cocktails

Promote your style with bold patterns, statement colors, and elegant necklines that’ll have your associates admiring your sartorial style. For an edgier take on your office look, swap your slim pants for a form-fitting princess cut dress and stack on the statement accessories.

From Team Meet to Wine Tasting

Transform the look of your basic white shirt with statement earrings to assert your distinctive style. Display your inventive side by layering a plunge neck top over the white shirt and revamp the look of your classics.

Nine to Five to Eleven Look

Boardroom tested, grace approved. Whether your day job is ultra-corporate or colorfully artistic, polish your 9-5 look with glistening jewelry. Classic earring and pendant sets and the shine of a three-toned splendid crystal zirconia bracelet will be a game-changer and will be trendsetting by stretching the norm.

Stack It Up

You can be suitably dressed at work and away from the desk without looking too casual. Small details go a long way. Wear three toned stackable band rings studded with glinting baguettes juxtaposed with dazzling inside-outside hoop earrings to highlight that pastel pantsuit and take your look from serious to playful.

It’s Official

Whether you're rocking your look inside or outside the office, amp it up with elegant accessories, and you're ready to slay the day. Clock in with clean-cut sophisticated dresses and stunning accessories that work hard for you.

 Monday to Friday. Style like a boss, elevate your workwear jewelry and take it to night-time glamour with élan.

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