Ban Boring Gifts – Sneak into the World of ‘The Different’

Ban Boring Gifts – Sneak into the World of ‘The Different’

21 October 2016

Gifting and buying that special something doesn’t happen every day. So when it happens, it becomes an occasion that you would love to celebrate. And, surely celebrations do not happen with the ordinary. Special people, special food or special gifts – everything together makes a celebration successful. 

The local five and dime shops would surely have something for everyone, but does that really satisfy your idea of celebrations? If not, let us just ban boring gifts because occasions and celebrations happen not-that-often.

Giving gifts should never be an overwhelming endeavour, but that is exactly what happens in the absence of products that reject the regular, the even and the run-of-the-mill gifts. A good present isn’t about spending a lot of money, but it’s more about putting in a lot of thought. What matters the most is that the gift should express the unique feelings with which you wished to celebrate the occasion.

The new’ and something-as-per-the-latest-fashion – these two terms are almost synonymous to the expectations which the receiver of the gift may have. So, how do you meet expectations and actually make your celebration memorable?

Forget the mundane. Indulge in what is bold and creates an impression at the first sight. The premium urban lifestyle demands something that do not conform to the regular. Choose gifts that would let your loved ones decorate their abodes in a unique fashion. Brand shazé has thought and created products that scream uniqueness through its mere presence.

 Created with an industrial look and inspired by the retro steam punk culture, the Geibel Punk is made with bronze material with oxide finishing. The eerie look of the product surely yields an aesthetic gothic vibe, an ambience that suits the premium lifestyle.

Escape the derby shopping cart experience with another gift idea that represents a bold concept of Bulldogs. The Mohawk Angus Bulldog from shazé is hand painted in fresh colours. Inspired by the pop art culture, the product projects a confident, extravagant and trendsetting style of décor. The witty and whimsical home décor piece is a work of art.

Come experience the feeling of gifting ‘The Different’ at shazé. A world that could spoil you with unique choices awaits your visit

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