A Sync of Silver This Christmas

24 December 2019

A Sync of Silver This Christmas


What Make Silver Cufflinks A Tasteful Choice During The Holidays?

While you admire the dominant classic red and gold theme that celebrates the season, bring in a streak of silver to light things up. Silver stands out as the clear choice when you are seeking a shot in the ‘fashion’ arm during the holiday season. Apart from making you look fashionable, silver cufflinks feature as men’s accessories that add refinement simply by accenting your sleeve. Exude elegance and stand out by adding silver to your red and white Christmas.

A Sync of Silver This Christmas

Why Silver?

With an incomparable sheen and unbeatable lightness, silver doesn’t need any introduction to those who are familiar with stylish accessories for guys. Silver has a distinguished colour of riches, with the warm and cool undertones of grey, matching well with the theme of the season. Silver is closely associated with a sleek, high tech and modern aesthetic, while being graceful and sophisticated. This inherently and instantly distinguishes silver cufflinks from the rest.

A Sync of Silver This Christmas

What Makes Silver Cufflinks The Right Choice?

What makes silver cufflinks a tasteful Christmas choice is its relevance in a plethora of different styles. For the gentleman who prefers something basic but impressive, the Silver Patterned Cufflinks are a great choice. When it comes to adding polish and charm to your festive attire, there’s nothing quite like a good pair of silver cufflinks. And what does a black tie Christmas event mean? It’s time to sport a Tux! A dapper makeshift version of a black suit worn with a white button-up shirt and a black bowtie is totally acceptable for an event like this. Incorporate sophistication and style with round or oval, and square or rectangular shaped cufflinks into your attire. Our Silver Octagonal Cufflinks could be perfect for such formal occasions. For more casual holiday events your outfit can be topped off with cufflinks that reflect a modern edgy aesthetic. Shaze’s Black Mirror Cufflinks is one such defining example from our collection.

Your casual outfit selection will surely have a broader colour pallete letting you venture into many more interesting cufflink shapes and forms from our collection. You can even put an interesting spin on your Christmas ensemble, by pairing a patterned shirt with silver cufflinks to strike the perfect balance. Classic Silver cufflinks like Shaze’s Silver Bar Cufflinks due to their neutral nature, are not limited to patterned shirts and go with virtually any colour and print. Some staunch cufflink-wearers believe that they should never, ever be worn without a jacket, but we leave that up to your discretion.

A Sync of Silver This Christmas

Dressing smart for the holidays - whether it’s for a work convention, the office party or a quintessential festive gathering, there is no better way to suit up for any occasion than a smart pair of cufflinks that reflect the spirit of Christmas.

Visit our store to style up your sleeve with some silver this festive season.

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