A Matter Of Material

31 January 2020

A Matter Of Material

Various aspects of Shaze’s products, ranging from aesthetics to functionality, are made possible through the materials used.

The right material is crucial in adding that progressive touch to each Shaze creation. Durability apart from desirability is what the consumer is interested in when it comes to his or her choice in any product.
A wide range of materials fit the bill and we reveal it all today!

In Your Accessories

Pieces from our women’s jewellery collection are carefully crafted using Brass. With a golden hue, brass allows for personal attention and detailing to be infused in each piece. Preserving this golden tint is Rhodium, a member of the platinum family. Apart from giving each piece its reflective shine, it makes an excellent protective coat that shields jewellery from scratches thus improving longevity. Pieces like the Monarch Ring or the Crystal Belle Set utilize Cubic Zirconia, which is a type of gemstone with a lot of influence in the fashion world since its introduction in 1978. Vibrant and sparkling, the stones used in our signature pieces add an element of minimalist flamboyance to your wardrobe. When it comes to the men’s accessories, a combination of the above mentioned materials with aluminium is what makes for a spiffy pair of Shaze men’s cufflinks.

Made With The Perfect Host In Mind

Shaze’s Hosting Collection has a contemporary design combining striking quality and refinement. Generally seen, glass pitchers feature a parting line that reveals its start and end point. Ours being hand-blown, keep away any interruptions and allow you to enjoy a smooth surface. Crystal glass adds lustre to your setups, and make them stand out during any occasion you host. The Alchemist, The Wavemaker or the Alpha, which are decanters from this collection, make for a great selection to choose from, with their hand-cut wave etchings patterned across each piece. Shaze’s signature ripple is imprinted with algorithmic precision using an advanced CNC machine. This makes it possible to execute that artistic and accurate touch best seen on the rippled surface crafted on the unique tricoid base of our decanters and The Wingmen. Zamak also deserves a mention for the aesthetics, robustness and compact shape it provides while designing the Quantum. Crafted with lead-free crystal glass, the hosting collection gives you a high grade option when outfitting your bar or living area.

Decor Crafted Right

Certain materials, by virtue of their structural and aesthetic properties and their availability, have proved especially suitable for crafting Shaze’s idols and figurines, perfect for your stylish interiors. Let’s start with resin which is a durable and lightweight material, not prone to weathering. Our décor pieces steer away from the traditional look and proudly present their otherworldly aesthetic, purely because of the inherent sturdy nature of resin. Once sculpted and ready, these idols are subject to electro foaming, a process that gives our décor pieces durability as well as an attractive and stylish metallic glisten that adds an interesting new focal point to any space. Also, as seen with a beautifully crafted idol like the Zog, olive wood bases present wonderful uncut slices of Mediterranean living.

We’re careful when choosing materials. It no doubt gives our products their proud stance, undeniable durability and progressive design features. And in doing so, gives you that moment to shine as a lionized fashionista, host and lover of style that spells progressive.

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