A Lifetime Of Unconditionality With Shaze

A Lifetime Of Unconditionality With Shaze

20 December 2019
A Lifetime Of Unconditionality With Shaze

A Lifetime of Unconditionality with Shaze


With the unconditional return policy place, the Shaze clientele is assured exclusive benefits as they choose from a wide collection of products.

It’s no surprise that people love excellent customer support. In an effort to reward you, our loyal customers, we are treading that extra mile to keep you happy and excited about the Shaze shopping experience. At every step of the way we look to delight you and our new Unconditional Exchange Policy is another step in that direction.

Unconditionality Is Where It’s At

Client satisfaction is what is cardinal at Shaze and we ensure a seamless experience every time. While visiting the store or the website, you are in for an indulgent experience. The new ‘unconditionality’ clause in our customer policy is just an extension of our incessant attempt to stay progressive and add value to our customers’ experience. At Shaze, we are dedicated to presenting you with your moment to shine with each of our designs. To ensure this, our Unconditional Exchange policy allows you to exchange any product you have previously purchased with us, at any point in time. We either exchange, accept returns or revive the product to its former glory, basis the care each product demands. We understand that each client’s requisite is unique, thus treating each request on a case to case basis.

The Perfect Exchange

What better way to enliven the atmosphere of your living or working space than Shaze’s finely crafted and meticulously designed pieces of décor right? However, magnificence also tends to sometimes naturally dull over time. This is no longer point of a concern for you as a Shaze customer, as reviving the original lustre of your Shaze products has never been easier. Every Shaze product you purchase can be exchanged in case of any kind of damage either by visiting the store or requesting for a pick-up by connecting with us on +919833307070.

Unconditional Return Policy

The Shazenium Factor

Registered customers do not need a receipt during any exchange! We therefore suggest all non-registered customers to create a Shazenium account so that, tracking orders and processing other requisites on a smooth and consistent basis is ensured.  Debit or Credit Card payments will be refunded and will reflect in the account linked to the same card. For payments over the counter or via COD, the amount will be credited to your Shaze account. You can redeem your Shaze points either at the store or when making a purchase on the website. This applies to our international clientele as well. Points transfer instantly, however the cash credited takes a while to reflect, giving you another reason to avail the benefits of becoming a Shazenium member.

Unconditional Return Policy - Shaze

Whether you’re a first or a frequent customer, the Unconditional Exchange policy assures you for a lifetime. A lifetime of moments to shine.

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