A Flawsome Comeback!

A Flawsome Comeback!

14 March 2020

Let Your Story Unfold In A Manner Most FLAWSOME as Shaze brings back one of its most in-demand collections.

“It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin.

2018 was the birth of one of our most exciting and noteworthy collaborations. We got together with well renowned blogger – stylist Masoom Minawala and crafted the Flawsome collection as a tribute to beauty in non- conformity. Embracing flaws as a strong suit is something that connected with many and now, in 2020, this women’s jewellery collection is revived and back by popular demand.

Pairing- A Challenge No More

With this collection we want you to express your audacious side to the world. Transforming your look from boardroom to bar is now easy with the Flawsome collection back in both our online and offline stores. A piece like the Infinity Earrings definitely doubles as work-wear and cocktail-wear. For casual work days, pair it with a white shirt and denim; for a professional look, pair it with a black midi dress and a blazer. And what about those sundowners, you might ask? For V necklines, shorter, fuller necklaces or statement pieces like The Eclectique Necklace adds an extra oomph to your ensemble and perfectly accessorizes your neckline. Pull your hair back in a tight low bun or a loose messy side fishtail braid and let an edgy piece like The Aubreita Earrings do all of the talking. Maybe throw in a darker shade of lip colour, pair it with a piece like the Flamboyance Earrings, and depict fearlessness with your Shaze designer jewellery.

Breaking The Design Convention

This collection boasts of statement jewellery pieces that combine design ingenuity and certain anomalies with spectacularly unique results. This collection of women’s jewellery breaks the clutter with norm-defying accessories such as rings, bracelets and, earrings. The Anzio Earrings from this collection feature an amalgamation of golden elements inspired by patterned floral lines. Enjoy the intricacy and versatility of The Kalon Necklace, the contemporary flair of The Eminence or any other piece from this collection that is both abstract and modern in design, with a texture that is fluid.

The boldness that this collection illustrates has never been lost as it has, till date, stayed true to its core. Breathe new life into your wardrobe with jewellery that is an amalgamation of vividity, vigour and chutzpa.
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