Tales Of A Deep Sea Diver

08 November 2019

Tales Of A Deep Sea Diver

Silent and mysterious, here is what brings the ultimate happiness to a deep sea diver.

Life sure does have a funny way of turning a chance meeting into a moment of sharing personal experiences. Last month, during my vacation in Norway, I had visited a local restaurant and to the table next to me sat a person carrying his scuba diving gear. This was intriguing to say the least and got our initial conversation going. Turns out, he is a deep sea diver by profession and that we both resided in the same city. I invited him over to my place back home for a couple of drinks and pick up this conversation where we had left off.

A coder by profession, I had a case of aquaphobia.I had mentioned this to him during our time in Norway and he was curious to know more when he came over. As I poured our drinks from Shaze’s decanters, the conversation drifted between his amazing experiences, to the magnificence of the ocean at large. The wave patterns on the Alpha, which is part of Shaze’s Hosting Collection, got him talking about the fractal patterns in ripples, waves and swells on the water surface. Being afraid of stepping into water, the beauty of the ocean surface is something I was familiar with. However, as the evening progressed, I soon found out that the world below the surface is just as magnificent and mysterious.

Exploring the serene, mysterious and slow motion world of the ocean is like a dream come true for my friend. He explained how, no matter how many times you dip beneath the waves, you never know what you are really going to see. The sheer amount of marine life under ocean waters is incredible and fascinated me the most. One day, you’ll look in a little cave underwater to see the huge eyes of an octopus, the next, a thick line of seaweed- rife with numerous tiny crabs.

Not just the creatures that inhabit the ocean, but the ocean bed also has many wonders to show us. Mile upon mile of pristine, candy-hued coral stretches out under the sea like a painting from the age of the impressionists. Patterns and causes of biodiversity in organisms that dwell in the vast sediment ecosystem that blankets the ocean floor are like code in the ecosystem that blankets a software. Every pattern observed in the oceans abyss has an evolutionary significance attached to it. These include the patterned sighting and movement of certain schools of fish or the formation of decorative patterns on the shells of sea snails. This formation is a dynamic process that I can, as a programmer, faithfully retrace using code in a computer simulation.

The drinks poured using Shaze’s premium barware delighted us as we continued to swap stories. According to him, “The deeper you go, the more you leave your cares behind”. Leaving my frenetic lifestyle behind on the surface and taking a break in a world where everything moves in slow motion seemed more appealing to me after the evening was over. I may not yet be ready to take my first dive, but this majestic world underwater beckons and spurs me on.

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