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Dec 10


shazé as a brand has always been synonymous with the most premium luxury items. We have received yet another accolade for our consistency in excelling at what we do best.

We are ecstatic to announce that shazé has been acknowledged by The Economic Times as the ‘Best Premium Lifestyle brand in Décor and Destination jewellery’ for the year 2018. The award ceremony, held on 27th November, 2018 at Grand Hyatt, Abu Dhabi, was organized as a part of the on-going efforts of the India - UAE Strategic Conclave; initiated by both the governments to identify key areas so as to boost investment flux between the two nations.

The event was graced by his Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan – Cabinet Member and Minister of Tolerance, Abu Dhabi and H.E. Navdeep Singh Suri - Ambassador of India to the UAE; along with senior government officials and key business leaders from various fields. The Conclave recognizes brands that have redefined luxury, retail and other sectors and aims at being the voice of a new set of industries.



Samrat Zaveri, our Founder and MD, was felicitated at the India – UAE Strategic Conclave; giving impetus to our mission to become a global lifestyle brand and touch the lives of millions across the globe. We at shazé, are constantly striving to create world class designs that become the ultimate expressions of urbane life. Peculiarity through innovation has been at the core of our brand psyche since its inception. Made for the aesthete, the connoisseur, the fashion literate, the bold; our products have carved a niche in the luxury goods spectrum. 

By collaborating with talents from across the world, we amass the most audacious and unconventional designs. This fabricates the very essence of our products. Each piece is carefully crafted to match the ever evolving needs of our customers.

To be honored at an international platform, has reassured the maker and the design geniuses behind our products that we are headed in the right direction. It inspires us to create more and more designs to be able to reach a larger populace.

Sep 28



Shorthand for sophisticated, arty, bohemian and even exuding a rock vibe, the Paisley motif has been the most versatile and popular motif in fashion and jewellery for centuries.


The rich symbolism and rebellious aura that surrounds the paisley motif have kept it thriving. The iconic motif has had quite a journey. From its ancient Persian and Indian origins with its hidden messages and mysterious symbolism, the paisley pattern has travelled the silk routes from East to West, been adopted by the 19th century boho set, ushered in the hippy era and become an emblem of rock ‘n’ roll swagger and swank.


In the late 1960’s “The Beatles” traveled to India and when they returned, they brought back local fashions which influenced various styles, bringing the paisley, once again, back into popularity with mainstream America. Even the legendary John Lennon had a Rolls Royce custom painted with a paisley design. In those times, this universal design was popping up everywhere from artwork, fashion, home décor and even guitars. There has always been a sense of exoticism and luxury about it. It’s an organic motif that is also stylized and has a complexity and depth to it. It has that flamboyant connotation, it’s a look that says ‘notice me’.


Inspired by the iconic motif that has captured the sartorial imagination of the world, shazé introduces a line of imperial jewels. This paisley inspired high-end jewellery range by shazé called 'Poetry in Motion' marries Italian craft and inimitable Indian art.



The jewellery line is a harmonious form of poetry which conforms to no rules. Studded with gleaming cubic zirconia crystals and finished with opaque enamel, the gold finish range spells pure opulence. Paisley motifs in intricate silhouettes and dramatic colors create a sweet symphony of design and form. With vibrant colors - crimson, cobalt, lilac and teal, the enamel finish in this collection makes it versatile and luxe. A deluxe gold plating to the jewellery adds on to the grace and femininity of the range.


With designs that drape and embrace your style, the collection is sheer poetry in motion. The motif that is a visual combination of a spray of floral elements and a cashmere tree features in the rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants of this collection.


A luxurious line, the range features Italian enameling and theatrical artistic effects. Iconic and unique for attention to detail, the collection represents the muse – the Paisley which is a heritage motif and marks a legacy in high fashion and jewelry.


The ‘Poetry in Motion’ range forms an imaginary journey from medieval times to cameos to the sharp styling of modern metropolises.



May 19



A game changer in the premium lifestyle space, shazé now opens its doors to Delhi. Situated in the sophisticated Worldmark 1 building- Aerocity, the store showcases a sprawling 2400 sq.ft space- the largest yet for us. With a penchant for creating designs that often put aside societal norms, we now strive to lend our customers a more than experience with a destination store.



 Catering to an audience of refined taste, the store houses a broad assortment of premium products- ranging from exquisite fashion jewellery, home & office décor, accessories and gifting. Elated about the store launch- the third one in Delhi- Mr. Samrat Zaveri, Owner and Managing Director, shazé says, “We are extremely delighted to start our new venture in Delhi. It has been an endeavour to enhance customer experience at our stores providing them with exquisite craftsmanship, impeccable service and an overall flawless shopping experience.”



 Significantly, the store also features luxurious accents coupled with state-of-the-art technology – aiming at providing customers with a shopping experience that is unparalleled. With interactive screens that give out detailed information about the design and product aesthetics, the store spells out contemporary elegance owing to its modern and minimalistic flamboyance.



The space and ambience of the store has been designed keeping in mind the vibe of the brand and the lifestyle of the customers. The expansive space showcases magnificent glass interiors with copper accents coupled with a warm mood, while the courteous staff ensures optimum customer contentment. Morever, the store is thought out in a manner that it gives you a holistic shopping experience.



Over the years, shazé has been known to pioneer edgy and creative design aesthetics, and with the platonic shift towards premium lifestyle-centric products we aim at lending our customers the good life- sartorially.

Oct 21

Gifting and buying that special something doesn’t happen every day. So when it happens, it becomes an occasion that you would love to celebrate. And, surely celebrations do not happen with the ordinary. Special people, special food or special gifts – everything together makes a celebration successful. 


The local five and dime shops would surely have something for everyone, but does that really satisfy your idea of celebrations? If not, let us just ban boring gifts because occasions and celebrations happen not-that-often.


Giving gifts should never be an overwhelming endeavor, but that is exactly what happens in the absence of products that reject the regular, the even and the run-of-the-mill gifts. A good present isn’t about spending a lot of money, but it’s more about putting in a lot of thought. What matters the most is that the gift should express the unique feelings with which you wished to celebrate the occasion.


Ban Boring Gifts


‘The new’ and something-as-per-the-latest-fashion – these two terms are almost synonymous to the expectations which the receiver of the gift may have. So, how do you meet expectations and actually make your celebration memorable?


Forget the mundane. Indulge in what is bold and creates an impression at the first sight. The premium urban lifestyle demands something that do not conform to the regular. Choose gifts that would let your loved ones decorate their abodes in a unique fashion. Brand shaze has thought and created products that scream uniqueness through its mere presence.


Ban Boring Gifts

Created with an industrial look and inspired by the retro steam punk culture, the Geibel Punk is made with bronze material with oxide finishing. The eerie look of the product surely yields an aesthetic gothic vibe, an ambience that suits the premium lifestyle.


Escape the derby shopping cart experience with another gift idea that represents a bold concept of Bulldogs. The Mohawk Angus Bulldog from shazé is hand painted in fresh colors. Inspired by the pop art culture, the product projects a confident, extravagant and trendsetting style of décor. The witty and whimsical home décor piece is a work of art.


Mohawk Angus


Come experience the feeling of gifting ‘The Different’ at shazé. A world that could spoil you with unique choices awaits your visit.


Oct 09

Crawling out of your comfortable bed in the morning is definitely tough, and if that is aided by the anxiety to face adverse remarks by society, things turn worse. You may not even like to get out of your bed at all. What do you do now? How do you make your morning brighter? How do you make your day easier to tackle at least for once?


The ‘make or break’ mornings sets your mood for the whole day. So if you get a chance to vent out your anger, vent out the frustration that you might have felt the last night after hearing something not-so-joyous about you, give an outlet to your so-called-defeat, take the chance. Do something that actually helps to make you happy. Do something that is meant just for you.


Colaba Store

shazé, the edgy premium lifestyle brand epitomising the movement against stereotyping and labelling and encouraging Self-Expression, launched its unusual and unique store at Colaba, Mumbai, India on 7th Oct, 2016. While the store is small in size, its ambitions are big. Housed within this bold outlet is the world’s first Venting Booth, which allows people to videotape and record themselves venting out their deepest, darkest thoughts and frustrations.


shaze Colaba store


We spend a third of our lives cursing and compromising with adverse situations. But we never think that a simple shout can relieve us from the pains that mentally harasses us. shazé’s Colaba outpost façade is a street-art mural that stands as a mirror to the youth’s outrage and shout due to this categorisation and labelism. It is expressed by the portrait of an anguished face constructed out of over 600 most used/abused labels that shazé boldly stands against. These are the labels that people all over the world are subjected to, due to their size, shape, color, mannerisms etc. We accumulated the tags given by people on Twitter who participated in a #AgainstLabels contest conducted by us. Says Samrat, “The mural epitomises a strong sense of individuality and different perspectives of self-expression. It is important for us to walk-the-talk of #AgainstLabels and this is our attempt to offer a window to express and sensitize the community against the plague that is labelling.


Shaze - new store

The best part of visiting the store is that no one hears what you vent out. It is just you. It is just meant for you to be happy.


As Samrat Zaveri, the creative genius and the MD puts it, “This is not just a store. It is an embodiment of shazé’s brand personality of being bold, edgy, impactful and relevant. It is intended as a place that empowers you to express your moods and sentiments through the world’s first Venting Booth”.


shaze - Against Labelling


This novel concept-brand space gives people the freedom to voice their stories, opinions about various topics pertaining to fashion and society as a whole and will act as the Voice of the people. This need of the hour was apparent from the long line of people who stood in the sun to get an opportunity to #VentItOut on the day of the launch. Enthusiasts were egged on by the presence of star like Rahul Khanna, unveiling the store and joining them at the venue.


So, it’s time! Come and vent it out! Do something just for you! Making sure that you take time out just to be happy keeps you healthier and empowered.

Sep 09

Ganesha Idols Online


Distinctive and valuable pieces of décor enhances your home space. Have you ever wondered that a stunning decorative idol can be the center of attraction for your homes? Nothing brings about the feeling of sophisticated luxury in a space quite like an attractive idol. Such a unique designer piece can also add a touch of serenity and positivity to your homes and surroundings. It can also be an ideal gifting option for someone special.  


Gifting is the best way to gratify and build a good personal or business relationship. A valuable gift comes from the heart with a lot of thinking and is offered with a lot of care and appreciation. If you are looking for quintessential gifts for your loved ones, the Numen collection is the right choice. These distinctive idols are not only attractive pieces of home décor but are also perfect gifts for people you love. Home décor shopping can be made easy with the unique idols by shazé.


Behind The Scenes:

The Numen collection has been designed by ERBI, which is the specialized in-house design studio of shazé that believes in creating something edgy, bold and distinctive. Every ERBI design is a thoughtful process, a dream molded into a product. Using cutting edge technology, the products have been engineered to depict edginess, boldness and novelty. The designs are one-of-a-kind that speaks of innovation and creativity.   


Behind the scenes


The Numen Collection:

The amazing home décor collection comprises of three exclusive designer idols in electroformed silver, “the Equi”, “the Listener” and “the Zog”


The Equi – The Striking Balance

Designed with minimal intricacy, the strong fine lines of ‘the Equi’ represents his sovereignty in the universe. Classy in his purest form, there is a Striking Balance that reveals his perfection within. He believes in being equal to every soul who worships and is wise enough to reward the worthy.


Equi Ganesha online


The Listener – Ask. Believe. Receive.

Designed with minimal or no facial features, his big ears give eminence to the form of ‘the listener.’ He listens to the prayers of all beings and uses his knowledge and consciousness to listen and reward. Sketched with soul and flesh, life depends on stillness and wisdom. 


Crystal Studded Listener Ganesha


The Zog: Recognizing Acceptance of All

The concept of ‘accept all’ defines the acceptance of all forms, shapes, hues and status. He is formless as is the energy from which everything manifests itself and into which everything will dissolve. His irregular rounded and abstract form is related to the philosophy of not-so-equal, yet he is the epitome of Acceptance. His posture and balance are unusual, yet seems effortlessly graceful.


Zog Ganesha


If you’re looking for home décor and gifts online or at stores, you can check or visit our stores pan India for the exclusive Numen collection that has been launched recently. Because a personal touch to a home’s décor can make all the difference!