Minimal Jewelry Trend: Palm Bands are all the Rage
14 Apr 2016 | Lifestyle Accessories

Palm Bands

New trends and styles tend to slip in and out and people are wearing more and more fashion jewelry to jazz up their style. Palm bands have become a rage these days and have been widely accepted as minimalistic jewelry. Today, when it comes to accessorizing, the chicest option is to keep things to a bare minimum. Delicate and sleek jewelry is the in-thing today.


Where did the trend evolve from?


It is said that these stylish palm bands, hand bands, palm cuffs or hand bracelets as they are called, have come from the Middle East. These cuffs are inspired from the prayer beads worn by the men in Eurasia. They used to wrap it around their palms while praying. And the first palm band was just a simple bead band. With time, the jewelry piece evolved with distinct styles and is now one of the statement pieces flaunted by the fashionistas.


Palm bands are Trendsetters


palm bands

Fashion jewelry has been trending for quite some time now. And palm cuffs are one of the newest wearable today after the double rings and midi rings. Women, who wrap around the palm bands with style, steal all the attention. The celebrities have been flaunting the palm bands on their hands, making it the showstopper jewelry.

However, palm cuffs are not meant for everyone. If you like wearing minimal jewelry and have beautiful manicured hands, go for it. Also, these are for those who can carry the jewelry confidently with party wears or cocktails dresses.


Some points to keep in mind while wearing Palm Cuffs


palm badns

For daily purposes, choose the simple palm cuffs and for parties and night outs, the elegant and designer pieces go well with your attires.


You can match the palm cuffs with huge earrings Double rings, rings also enhance your style with the palm cuffs. And you can also stack up the palm bands too. Your hands will do all the talking.


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