Jewelry Style - Not Matching is the New Matching
05 Nov 2016 | Jewellery

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Well, hello fashionistas! We think standing out from the crowd is something that makes you look different. And following the trend is not style. Why wear matching jewelry when you can play with fashion?


Today jewelry doesn’t give women the aura of wealth. It is the expression of your attitude towards life. The dress that you choose to wear to the evening party does show how you wish to present yourself to society. It can be traditional, it can be ethnic, it can be utmost western, and it can be the latest dress on Lakme Fashion Week. Similarly, what you choose to complement this dress with also expresses the attitude that makes you more you.


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This fashion statement jewelry is what makes you look different from others. More than the dress, it is the accessory that comprises the style, the focus of everyone around.


Attention to details takes your style quotient a notch higher. Statement jewelry is never worn in bulk. It is known as “statement” because a single piece of jewelry is enough for the trendy appearance. Planning could actually help you to pick the best for you. Choose the best statement jewelry for your dress in advance. And remember, you do not need to embellish the look with additional accessories.


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In the current span, it is important for many of you to stay in style, especially when rushing from desk to party. Conforming to the traditional ways will only let you look good; the bold and fashionable diva within you could only surface with non-conformation.


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A sassy ring or the chic pair of earrings, brand shaze offers you the best range of products to choose your kind of statement jewelry. Since its fall, vibrant colored jewelry with attractive stones will help to update your look.