Fashion with Feisty Fox – the Exquisite Collaboration with shaze
06 Feb 2017 | Jewellery

Go Bold Collection


Because of its elite association, you’d think that evening parties and formal dinners demand fine jewelry pieces, right? You’d be wrong! While we girls admire diamond and rubies, it is now time to look into a different world of beads and semi-precious stones. Defined by the modern aesthetics, the shaze Go Bold collection is a story of trendsetting in the world of fashion. The brand’s unique designs go beyond the ordinary to create a collection that reigns supreme.


Fashion with Feisty Fox


Added to these qualities, shaze has Feisty Fox onboard for their limited edition jewelry co-creation. Along with her sense of fashion and the ideas about feminine yearnings, Stephanie Maria Timmins had been extremely creative in rendering very special themes to each necklace. She had been a part of the shaze Go Bold designer team right from its sketching, ideation and ultimately wearing them for a shoot.


You could read her experience in her own blog, right here: