The Balance of Design
15 Feb 2019 | Celebrations


There’s no denying that fashion is a constant presence in one’s life. From the daily task of choosing what clothes to wear to standing out in a crowd during evening dos, fashion plays a role that spells self-expression. And, remember – No one can stop themselves from looking at something that soothes the eye. True, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but the trick to look stunning lies in the aesthetics of the design that you choose to carry.


With millennials making the majority of buyers and shoppers all over the world today, it is observed that products are bought more to satisfy the senses rather than just their usability and functionality. Not long ago, a product was valued for its practical usefulness. However, today, users’ expectations have evolved together with the design field. Usability is more a default quality; whereas to give the experience of pleasure and evoke positive emotions for the user, designing has become crucial for all kinds of products.



Yes, first impressions matter! Whenever a product is perceived for its exclusive-but-satisfying beauty, the design gives a deeper pleasure that creates a bond beyond the initial interaction. The design and the aesthetics lend an impression that the perceived product is more elevated, usable and valuable. The design of new generation products, hence, need to be aesthetically pleasing consistently across the whole experience and user journey.


Along with this, what comes as a breath of fresh air is the taste of minimalism. The essence of style and sophistication comes from handpicked products adding dimensions to your lifestyle without feeling too overdone. From choosing bold solid colours, like fuchsia or chartreuse, for accessories to lifestyle products of varying degrees of taste, quality and craftsmanship, minimalistic methods have a way to always look amazing. No flash, no dash, no baubles..


The idea is to ditch the ordinary and not look boring – a deftly styled sportswear look could be elevated with the correct designer jewellery. Whether it is carefully designed earrings that summon memories from Egypt and Crete or a necklace made of corals reminding you of a balmy breeze from the South Sea Islands, the right design and perfect combination will always get along and never clash.


So, choose well and never cease to dazzle!