Own the Flawsome YOU
30 Nov 2018 | Lifestyle Accessories

“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.” – Frida Kahlo. No one would be better than her, to say the least, who has lead this by example in one’s own life. Indeed, your perspective of style over trend is what defines your taste in fashion and in life as well. Perfection is passé and today women own their flaws as their strong suit, all in their stride. shazé reflects this in their latest Flawsome collection, crafted in collaboration with renowned blogger-stylist Masoom Minawala, popularly known as Miss Style Fiesta.



To be Flawsome is to be human in all one’s glory and imperfections. Each piece is a denouement of design ingenuity and the basic anomalies, resulting in unique and luxe statement jewelry. The collection beckons women to express their audacious side to the world. The exquisite gold plated statement pieces of raw and yet defined designs of shazé is finally a breakthrough from the mass produced accessories that are flooded in disguise as the fashion trend. These rule-defying pieces are rings, bracelets and, earrings of this premium collection. Stirring away from the model of normality that is found in regular jewellery, shazé and Masoom have created designs that give each piece an individual stance.



"This collection has been conceptualized with my own belief of being awesome the way you are." Miss Style Fiesta explains, "In today’s digital age, societal pressures raise endless questions of self-doubt and we constantly seek validation from others to justify our self-worth. When we aren’t appreciated, we feel we aren’t good enough. With this collection, I want to celebrate the tiniest nuances of every quirk innate to an individual which makes them stand out in their own right."



It’s time where you acknowledge the Unique You and that you deserve different, something that is a notch above the cliché. Set your own rules, in a world drowning in the highest standards of conformity which have been pervasive in the society for ages undefined. Masoom says it best when she says, “It’s time to embrace and flaunt your flaws!”  The collection portrays shedding of mediocrity and unfolding of minimal flamboyance in a whole new grace. The Flawsome collection from shazé has earrings that look like an undefined brush stroke of an artist to neck pieces that are both abstract and modern in design. Thus making it a requisite in the metamorphosis that you will embark upon in the unfolding story of the Original YOU.