Gifting Guide for Millennials
11 Sep 2018 | Lifestyle Accessories

The world today is dominated by millennials and digital natives who don many versatile hats. Tech-savvy and multi-taskers, the youth now want to have the best of the whole kit and caboodle, they are the ultimate jet-setters. With having a robust personality, the need to put your best foot forward becomes pertinent.


So what do you gift to a person who has it all figured out and sets high standards for themselves and their living space? Obvious gifts just do not make the cut! The gifting game by shazé is fine tuned to meet the demands and idiosyncrasies of the new crop.


We help you pick some highly inspired ideas to own or gift:


Plush Décor


Styles may change or fade but high-end décor pieces always remain timeless. When in doubt, stick to the classics. With the raging trend of ‘less is more’ now, one prefers buying few select pieces that add high definition and striking value to their home or office space. You can choose from our silver plated plush décor figurines for festive and corporate gifting or even vintage inspired clocks as a sophisticated choice in gifting.



Unconventional Accessories


With the trend of giving a fun twist to your everyday ensembles, small details play a big supporting role. How many cufflinks are too many? Enhance your gifting experience by selecting from classic checkered cufflinks or define the passion of the receiver by gifting them exciting sports inspired ones. Bring out the feral elements in nature by gifting cufflinks designed in the form of a lion, a stag or even as the wild bison!


Host in style


Experiences have taken over in a big way this season. Taking in slow mindful moments with friends and spending quality time with family has taken the front seat now. With dispensable income and immense style, folks are choosing to relax and lounge in. Hosting your guests with flair and élan is of course a given. With hosting ranges that boast high precision finishes, you are sure to enjoy those high energy late evening and cocktail nights. Cut crystal decanters for fine spirits, shots tray and glasses, exclusive bar ware with champagne and ice bucket options, shakers and unique bar accessories, you are sure to mix up some amazing cocktails and wow your guests.


Keeping Time


Luxuriate in dramatic and sturdy watches that pack a fashionable punch each time you choose to gift or don them. A visceral choice for gifting, the varied watches we offer undoubtedly spell bonhomie like no other.



There have been studies that people get more gratification from spending money on giving gifts to loved ones rather than buying stuff for themselves. We have given you the mind map of the millennial. Select, shop and gift away!