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shazé is a premium lifestyle brand with a wide range of products that define bold expression. All shazé creations are one-of-a-kind and are handpicked with a keen eye on finesse, craftsmanship and uniqueness.


Operating in the luxury and lifestyle space for shazé the initial task was to make its presence felt in a world that is otherwise dominated by labels. The insight identified was the fact that labels subsume your identity, take away your sense of individuality & simply reduce you to being part of a herd. Hence a call to join a rebellion against labels, to reveal your true individuality & the baseline ‘Join the Labellion.’


In its second year of existence it was time to give this wakeup call more meaning. Add a larger relevance to it – making fashion & lifestyle therefore a political statement with greater social currency. shazé’s new campaign borrows from our current societal truth and shines light on the innumerable bans, protests, stereotypes that are imposed on us. It hence aims to addresses & give voice to the simmering discontent we’ve all been feeling.



A film ‘Against Labels’ is launched by shazé which talks about this need to rebel against a society that is constantly curbing our self-expression, under the pretext of various labels & quickly pronounced harsh judgements. With the recent raid at a hotel in Madh Island, the ban on porn sites, on beef, the rage against open letters, it exposes the society we live in and the need to let ourselves be.


In the outdoor/ print campaign of brand shazé, there’s a slightly different angle. As a society we are often too quick to judge and confine people to stereotypes, making us equally responsible for this repression of expression. What we don’t realize is that when we label, we become a label ourselves. When you call someone an outsider because they differ in their natural features, you’re allowing yourself to be prejudiced. When you deem a girl a slut merely on the choice of her clothes, you are nothing short of a prude.


The campaign comes from the belief that labels do more harm than good, they suppress everything that is bold & fearless – as a society we’re better off without labels altogether. The campaign therefore speaks out against not just people who label, but against labels themselves.


With its digital campaign shazé got many of the influencers and opinion leaders to participate in this movement against labels. By striking the many labels in their own twitter bios, they expressed their solidarity, urging people also to do the same & Join the labellion.

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