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    Diwali Deserves Thoughtful Gifting

    25 October 2019

    Skip the usual this Diwali, and truly show your appreciation with progressive gifts from Shaze.

    Shaze’s answer to Diwali gifting combines impeccable design with rare inspiration and will leave the people you work with, in no doubt of your especial esteem. Teaware and coffeeware from the latest, Hosting Collection is thought infused with layers of discovery and delightful utility. A large amount of your day is dedicated to your work life and in all that time you spend with colleagues and partners, you share opinions, moments and build relations. Some turn out to be closer for various reasons and experiences you share with them. Diwali is a time for you to express your gratefulness for the change they have brought in your professional and maybe even personal life. W

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    Is Cold Brew Your Cup Of Tea?

    18 October 2019

    Cold brew, Brings out the best in your tea and you!

    The origins of cold brew tea can be traced back to Japan. In India, while hot tea is a popular choice, cold brew tea is slowly gaining prominence.

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    Joy Of Hosting

    11 October 2019


    While you walk past, you watch your guests laughing in between conversations, some even enjoying themselves while trying their hand at a new concoction, and you smile. Each of these expression, like a pat on your back, tell you that it’s a job well done.

    Hosting a party is truly a gift that keeps on giving, for everyone involved, especially the host. There is no doubt that in doing so, the closer your relationships become. After all, hosting is also a medium of expression. One of the pleasures of hosting a party is achieving that ‘perfect atmosphere’ which allows your guests to relax, interact with one another and enjoy the evening’s proceedings. Preparing a table with a well curated spread, setting up the lights and decor t

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